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Executive Branch and Presidents


Government Information


White House
Highlights the president’s recent activities and provides basic information about the executive office.

American Memory: Presidents
Digital collection of archives at the Library of Congress including the papers, recordings, and other materials of selected presidents.

American Presidency Project
An archive of documents related to study of the presidency including oral and written addresses, executive order, signing statements, and more.

State of the Union Addresses
Text of the speeches from 1994-present.

Free, online access to Federal Government publications, including publications from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches issued by the Government Printing Office.

Federal Executive Branch
A listing of executive departments for various agencies and links to websites for individual member of the executive office.

Budget of the U.S. Government
Full text of the proposed budget, presented by the president to Congress.

Economic Report of the President
Annual report written by the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and submitted to Congress. Text and data includes trends and goals concerning topics such as employment, production, income, and Federal Budget outlays from 1995-present.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Contains the full text of executive orders, presidential proclamations, and other public statements from 1993-present. 

Public Papers of the Presidents
A series published containing papers and speeches of presidents going back to the Hoover administration through present. Roosevelt’s papers are not included as they were privately published.

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