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Judicial Branch and Court Cases

 Government Information


Guide to U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Citing Court Cases

LexisNexis Academic
Provides the most comprehensive information on federal and state court cases from 1945, including the full-text of decisions, lists of cases that cite a case, and law reviews. Use the advanced options to limit to case law or reviews. 

Cornell Legal Information Institute
Provides database of Supreme and other federal court opinions.

Supreme Court
Official page of the court including oral argument transcripts, opinions, bar admission and more.

Free, online access to Federal Government publications, including publications from the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches issued by the Government Printing Office.

Finding Illinois Law: A Librarian’s Guide for Non-Lawyers
A guide compiled by the Chicago Association of Law Librarians.

A database for searching for the full-text of court decisions and briefs. Decisions from 1893-present and Opinion Summaries from 2000-present.

Guide to the Law Online
From the Law Library of Congress, provides links to reliable international, national, and state level legal resources.

The Founder’s Constitution
The online version of a reference book that contains the Constitution, as well as other source documents related to it from that time period.

Federal Judiciary
Official website of the federal courts including selected publications, court records, statistics, information on judges and more.

A good secondary source for legal information. Basic overview of a variety of areas of law, links to primary sources of law, dockets, and legal news. Includes Supreme Court Opinions by year 1759-present. 

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