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College Archives Overview

Lake Forest College’s Archives are its own non-current, retired, preserved, and administered records, and those of some earlier forms and units of the institution, dating from the 1850s.

These records include a variety of formats and media, including photographs, department files, publications (including serials like student newspapers, alumni periodicals, bulletins, handbooks), analog and digital media (including audio tapes, video tapes, DVDs, CDs), art, and realia (artifacts such as letter sweaters, banners, scrapbooks, dance programs).  These materials all are generated by the institution or its parts — administration, faculty, and students.  Archives collects these materials according to an established records retention plan

Regular institutional print publications include the annual/biennial official catalog or bulletin (print version suspended 2008), student newspapers (since 1887), yearbooks (through 2002), literary magazines (since 1880), alumni bulletins and newsletters (since 1919), directories (1944-2007) and handbooks.

View finding aids for some of the College Archives here.