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Course Reserves

Course Reserves provide a high degree of security, as all patrons are required to leave an ID and use these materials in the library.  They are accessible all hours that the Circulation Desk is open. We ask that faculty follow the procedures listed below in placing materials on reserve.

There are several ways faculty can place material on course reserve:

  1. You may drop off materials at the Circulation Desk.
  2. You may complete our reserves form (this form is shared with the bookstore and you can indicate whether you’d like the bookstore to stock the items you list).
  3. Or, you may send the Circulation Department an email that lists all the items you’d like the library to place on reserve. Please provide the following information for each item if possible:
    • Course number and section
    • Type of material (book, DVD, etc.)
    • Title
    • Author/Director/Performer
    • Call number
    • Please note that workbooks cannot be placed on reserve

Photocopies on reserve: Please note that we only need one copy for every 10 students in the course.

Photocopy of a book chapter on reserve: We strongly prefer to purchase the book itself and place it on reserve. Please contact the Circulation Department or your library liaison with book purchase requests or use the Ask a Librarian form.

Placing a personal copy of a book or video on reserve: When you drop it off, please let us know whether we can put a small adhesive barcode on it.

Patrons who remove reserve material from the library without prior permission of the instructor and the Head of Circulation (or other non-student staff member) will be fined and may have their library accounts blocked until the item is returned.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to send in reserve lists before the semester begins.  Reserves are processed on a first-come, first-served basis with a 48 hour lead time during the first 3 weeks of classes in the fall and spring semesters.  After that, every attempt will be made to place items on reserve on the day that we receive them.

Please review the library’s copyright guidelines for information on the type of material (including personal copies) that may or may not be placed on reserve.

Please contact the Circulation Department with questions or problems relating to reserves, including copyright laws.