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About the Library

The mission of the Lake Forest College Office of Library & Information Technology is to provide and facilitate the use of technology and information resources in support of the pursuit of academic excellence.

Facts About the Library

Our benefactors: Elliott Donnelley and Laurence (“Larry”) R. Lee

Floorplans and offices

Library call number scheme

273,114 books

2,540 current journals, magazines, and newspapers

6,978 videos and DVDs

1,965 music recordings

4,500 new items added each year

400 seats

7 study rooms

135 computer stations

Wireless network throughout the building

300 prints allocated per student per semester

90 hours open per week during the academic year

121 hours open per week during reading days & finals

72,000 square feet

Cost of 2003-2004 renovation and new construction: $18 million

Director: James R. Cubit

26 staff

10 librarians

100 student staff

High-end computer lab: Brown Technology Resource Center

Laptops/Netbooks  and flip cameras available for loan