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Social Media Kit | It’s A Forester Thing Day

“It’s a Forester Thing” is a one-day event where Foresters across the country come together to support and celebrate what it means to be a Forester. Celebrate your favorite reasons on March 1.

YOU can help by showing your support and spreading the word by posting, changing you social media profile and cover pages, tweeting, and using #ItsaForesterThing. Your help will ensure that our Forester celebration is a success.

Step #1 - Change your profile to support the “It’s a Forester Thing” Day!

Update your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with new profile pictures before or on March 1. Save the images below and upload them to your social media. 


 Step #2 - Change your cover photo on social media for March 1. Save the image below and upload it to your individual profile.

Forester Thing

 Step #3 - Spread the word on March 1 utilizing the suggested Facebook posts. 

Example 1:  Calling all Foresters! Join me for #ItsaForesterThing. Your gift to the College goes farther today! 

Example 2:  I’m going to give on March 1, are you? Gifts are doubled everytime we hit additional donors. Head to lakeforest.edu/foresterthing.

Step #4 - Spread the word on March 1 utilizing the suggested Twitter posts.

Example 1:  Wondering what #ItsaForesterThing is all about? Check it out at lakeforest.edu/foresterthing and tune in on 3/1/18.

Example 2: Today’s the day! Join me for #ItsaForesterThing at lakeforest.edu/foresterthing

Step #5 - Consider posting photographs on Instagram about why you celebrate being a Forester.

  • Snap a selfie with your College gear on, take a picture of your car’s College sticker, or show off what was in style during your College days with a throwback photo. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - be sure to tag Lake Forest College and use #ItsaForesterThing.

And, don’t forget to check in during the day to the Lake Forest College Alumni Facebook page for up to the minute information about “It’s a Forester Thing” Day.