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ACCESS | Scholarships

Lake Forest College is committed to admitting highly qualified students regardless of their ability to pay. We admit students who are smart, well-rounded, and prepared to accept the challenges of a rigorous undergraduate education. While students with financial need often get assistance from government sources, this support alone is almost never sufficient. Merit and need-based scholarships are essential for Lake Forest to attract and retain the best students. The College seeks to further expand access to scholarship support for our students by adding $30 million in current, endowed, and future gifts targeted for the purpose of merit and need-based scholarships.

Ways to support

Donors can establish named endowed scholarships with gift commitments of $50,000 or more. Annual scholarships can be established with annual gift commitments of $2,500 or more. Both types of scholarships can be designated to support a student who reflects your interests and values, such as an art major, science student, or musician, or you can simply give to any deserving student with financial need. Finally, a future gift named as part of a donor’s estate plan can be designated for the purpose of establishing a named endowed scholarship.