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Best-in-Class Career Services

ACCESS | Best-in-Class Career Services

We prepare our students for, and help them attain, productive and rewarding careers. That is what Lake Forest College’s faculty and Board of Trustees both unanimously approved in 2014 as a vital addition to the College’s mission statement. To fulfill this important mission, the College is seeking to invest an additional $5 million in innovative programs run by the Career Advancement Center (CAC). This strategic imperative for the College responds to the understandable priorities of students and parents who invest in a Lake Forest education and want to ensure the best return on their investment. Simply put, preparing students well for their lives and careers after graduation is an ethical responsibility on the part of the College. The CAC’s goal is to set the standard for liberal arts colleges in the service it provides for students and the outcomes it helps them achieve. Investment in three foundational areas is critical to support: 

Alumni and Employer Relations:
  • Increase opportunities for students to visit employer sites and participate in professional networking activities around Chicago and beyond
  • Facilitate interaction between College faculty and staff with key alumni and employers to stay informed about current trends and opportunities in various industries
  • Develop frequent lectures and informal talks with student groups on campus by successful alumni and friends in a broad range of professions and industries
  • Grow recruiting events on and off campus, including employer-student interviews and speed networking
  • Expand the number and quality of internship sites
Career Milestones: 
  • Give all students access to this innovative four-year developmental career program from their first days on campus

Ways to support

Your gift commitment can help support:

  • Expansion of the internship program, the alumni/employer relations program, and individual career counseling within the Career Milestones program
  • Student stipends and transportation funds to support student internships in Chicago and beyond
  • Employer stewardship and volunteer training
  • Access to career/test preparation programs such as Kaplan and Princeton Review