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Prize-winning econ scholar

Maggie Hennessy ’14 is the first place winner of the undergraduate paper award from this year’s Midwest Economic Association annual meeting.

Her paper titled “Germany’s 2007 Parental Leave Reforms: The Effects on Women’s Return-to-Work Decisions Following Childbirth,” was considered “exceptional” by the MEA.


Margaret, along with Lucy-George Cooper ’14, presented senior thesis work at two conferences this spring: the Midwest Economic Association meetings in Evanston, Ill. and the Association for Private Enterprise Education conference in Las Vegas, Nev. Lucy’s research considered how microfinance affects the success of female entrepreneurs in Tanzania. Margaret’s thesis considered how recent changes in Germany’s family leave policy alter women’s intentions to return to work after giving birth.


Lake Forest is gaining quite a reputation at the MEA meetings, according to Associate Professor of Economics Amanda J. Felkey, who also attended the conferences. Another of her students, Evan Piermont ’11, won the prize in 2011 and went on to pursue a PhD in economics at the University of Pittsburgh.