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Access Chicago

Students in Chicago

The Chicago experience begins early. 

During Orientation, just days after after arriving at Lake Forest College, you and your First-Year Studies class will take the Metra train to the city for an excursion that relates to your course of study. On this first trip you will begin to learn how to navigate public transportation, and get a taste of some of the riches of Chicago.

Throughout your Lake Forest College career, Chicago plays an important role in the classroom. Students in art courses visit the Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, and many local galleries around the city. Music students attend performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and various jazz and blues groups. Theater and English classes regularly attend plays in the city. Courses in politics, sociology, and anthropology visit a variety of neighborhoods to observe different ways of living in a large metropolis. Across all the disciplines at the College, Lake Forest students use the resources of Chicago to make classroom teachings come to life.