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Access Chicago

360 Chicago

The 360 Chicago program provides students with the opportunity to interact with the city of Chicago through fun, custom created trips. Sponsored by the Center for Chicago Programs, and led by students familiar with the city and how to navigate it using its public transportation system, 360 Chicago trips aim to give students a one-of-a-kind experience in Chicago – completely free of charge.

Spring 2019 Trips:

February 16, 2019: Cultural Chicago

For the first 360 Chicago trip of the semester, we are celebrating Lunar New Year and the “Year of the Pig”! After a train ride into the city, you’ll take the CTA Green Line to Chinatown for lunch at one of the neighborhood’s most beloved restaurants: Seven Treasures (famous for their BBQ Pork and Fried Egg dish know as the 554). After lunch, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Chinatown before departing for the next adventure of the day: the Chinese New Year Celebration at Navy Pier, which will include several performances to celebrate the new year.

March 30, 2019: Street Art Crawl

The second 360 Chicago trip of the semester is designed to up your Instagram game. You’ll take the Metra to downtown Chicago and then head over to the Fulton Market District for a unique spin on a classic eatery. After lunch we’ll give you an opportunity to explore Fulton Market’s several colorful murals before heading to our next destination. You’ll then ride the CTA Green line over to the South Loop to explore Grant Park and the Wabash Arts Corridor. Before heading to the next stop on the tour, you’ll have a chance to see another work of art: the Chicago skyline from the 17th floor of The Flats - home to the Lake Forest College In the Loop Program. You’ll then visit Millennium Park and one of Chicago most well-known art installations: Cloud Gate aka “The Bean.” There are several more instagrammable attractions in Millennium Park, and you’ll get to see them all. You’ll then take the train back to Lake Forest, which will be the perfect time to start posting all of the amazing photos from the day.

April 20, 2019: A Trip Along the 606

On the third 360 Chicago trip of the semester you’ll experience Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods via the 606. Elevated above some of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods, the 606, a once-abandoned rail line, is a 2.7 mile park connecting you to seemingly-endless things to do. You’ll take the train into the city and then hop on the 606, conveniently located near the train stop. Once on the path, you’ll see the northwest side of Chicago from a unique perspective. There are several murals and art installations for you to enjoy on the walk (some are even hidden). We’ll first stop for lunch, then head into the heart of Wicker Park to check out its wealth of specialty shops, cafes, and book stores. You’ll have plenty of time to explore before catching the train back to Lake Forest.

Fall 2018 Trips:

September 15, 2018: Quintessential Chicago

Explore some of the most iconic attractions the Windy City has to offer during 360 Chicago’s Quintessential Chicago trip. Ride the train from downtown Lake Forest to Ogilvie Transportation Center, the last stop on the Metra Union Pacific North Line, which drops you off in the heart of Chicago’s Loop district. From there travel via Water Taxi along the Chicago River to Michigan Avenue. You’ll then take a stroll down the “Magnificent Mile,” culminating in one of the most beloved Chicago culinary traditions: Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano’s. After lunch, you’ll hop on the CTA, Chicago’s public transportation system, to the world-famous Navy Pier. At Navy Pier, you will have the opportunity to ride either the Centennial Wheel or The Swings before catching a train back to the Lake Forest campus.

October 6, 2018: Lions, and Zebras, and Brunch…OH MY

Located north of The Loop, Lincoln Park is one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. The day will begin with a Metra train ride into the city. From there you will transfer to a CTA “El” train where you’ll get to see the city from a unique perspective. You’ll arrive in Lincoln Park just in time for brunch, where you will get to experience one of the hundreds of insta-worthy brunch spots Lincoln Park has to offer, complete with delicious food and good company. After brunch take a stroll through the neighborhood past its small shops and caf├ęs. From there you will have the opportunity to explore the neighborhood’s namesake park, home to the famous Lincoln Park Zoo. The day will conclude with a walk along the Lake Michigan Shoreline before heading back to campus.

November 10, 2018: Discover Hyde Park

On the third 360 Chicago event of the fall 2018 semester, you will get to experience one of Chicago’s most beautiful and diverse neighborhoods. Home to the University of Chicago, several museums, and breathtaking views of the city, Hyde Park is consistently named one of the country’s best neighborhoods. You’ll start your journey by taking the train into Ogilvie Transportation Center. First stop is lunch at Hot Woks, Cool Sushi before departing for Hyde Park. Once in Hyde Park take a walk to Promontory Point on the shore of Lake Michigan. Be sure your phone battery is charged, because you’ll want to snap several pics of the magnificent view! From there we will walk to Jackson Park and explore the area that once hosted the World’s Columbian Exposition. You’ll then get the opportunity to check out a vibrant selection of shops and cafes in Downtown Hyde Park, before returning back to Lake Forest.