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Access Chicago

Windy City in Motion: Movies + Travel in Chicago

Credit: DePaul University

A collaboration between Lake Forest College’s Digital Chicago: Unearthing History and Culture, and DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, “Windy City in Motion: Movies & Travel in Chicago” debuts at the Great Hall at Union Station August 17, 2016. Viewers can travel through classic and contemporary films set in the Windy City and its transportation hubs. Take in vintage photos of movie stars, clips and commentary on films, and little-known facts about Chicago’s movie and transportation history. 

The exhibit is free and open to the public, and will be on display at least through the early winter season. 

Opening Reception

Lake Forest College and DePaul University celebrate the opening of Windy City in Motion with a reception at Union Station. Light refreshments will be served and hard refreshments will be available (if of age) at the bar in Union Station.  Faculty and staff from both institutions will offer opening remarks at 5 pm and 5:45 pm. 

Time: Tuesday, Sept. 13, 4:45-6 pm,

Place: The Great Hall, Union Station, 225 S. Canal St., Chicago

For more information: See this page on Lake Forest College’s Events Calendar

Windy City in Motion panels

Featured Faculty Contributors

The work of Ben Goluboff, associate professor of English, on Kenneth Sawyer Goodman’s one-act play “Back of the Yards” offers a jumping-off point on the panel “The Stockyards” through which to explore movies about Chicago’s historic Union Stock Yards. 

In “Chicago: A City for Theatrical Training,” Assistant Professor of Theater Chloe Johnston’s work on the history of ensemble-generated theater in Chicago suggests a closer look at actors and actresses who have emerged from Chicago’s world-class improv scene.

Professor of Music Don Meyer’s research into the music of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition anticipates this fall’s release of “The Devil in the White City.” The panel “Beyond the White City” looks back to a world’s fair before the advent of moving pictures

Desmond Odugu, Assistant Professor of Education, traces the history of housing discrimination in Chicago, and in “A City of Great Migrations,” shows how the changing character of Chicago’s neighborhoods is reflected in films old and new. 

Associate Professor of Religion Ben Zeller’s 360° immersive digital tours of Chicago sacred spaces asks that we look, also, at Chicago religious sites that have held starring roles in many films. 

Chicago Fellows Describe the Windy City


Digital Chicago Credits

Davis Schneiderman, Curator, Windy City in Motion, and Project Director for Digital Chicago

Emily Mace, Curator and Producer, and Chicago Digital Humanities Coordinator for Digital Chicago

Jaime Harris ’18, Designer

Nick Nusbaumer ’17, Assistant Curator and Researcher

Dan Kolen ’07, Videographer

For updates about “Windy City in Motion,” follow Digital Chicago on social media: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LFCDigitalChicago

Instagram: @digitalchicago

Twitter: @digital_chicago