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Career Connections

Business and Finance Pathway Leadership Team

Career Pathway Leadership Teams are model community members and leaders within the Career Pathways, who help the Career Advancement Center with mobilizing community members, evaluating services, and implementing best practice career development solutions to support graduates’ ability to prepare for, and attain, productive and rewarding careers. Leadership teams are composed of trustees, alumni, faculty/staff, employers and students willing to serve as engaged, enthusiastic partners to the CAC.

Business and Finance Career Pathway Leader: Marie Josephitis

Marie Josephitis

Marie Josephitis leads the Business and Finance Pathway and helps students prepare a successful career plan based on their personal talents and goals. 

Marie has held human resources leadership positions in a wide range of industries including financial services, insurance, marketing and healthcare. Throughout her career she has created meaningful internship and full-time entry-level opportunities for students in many types of business disciplines and industries. Previously, she was an active volunteer with the Lake Forest College in roles as a career advisor and liaison to employers to create career opportunities for students.

Marie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern Illinois University. She holds a Life and Health License and is an active member of Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), and Human Resources Association of Chicago (HRMAC).

Business and Finance Internship Specialist: Vernard Lockhart

Vernard Lockhart

Vernard Lockhart ’08 has over ten years of experience working in finance, business and recruitment sectors. His professional career to date includes serving as a field operative for a social investment consulting firm, helping nonprofits, finance, and technology firms attract top talent, and even starting and running his own event production company.

As a 2008 Lake Forest College graduate with a degree in Philosophy, such diversity of experience has provided the unique opportunity to help many people find new jobs and launch new social enterprises. He has also helped convicted felons re-enter the workforce. Vernard holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy from American University.

External Community Members: Trustees, Employers, Alumni, and Friends

Erin Badge
Coyote Logistics

Joe Chmura
Career Consultant
Collegiate Career Management

Jessica Coleman ’89 (Trustee)
Vice President, Investment Advisor, Private Wealth Management
Goldman Sachs

Brad Donahue ’08
Finance Manager
Amazon Prime

Doni Fordyce-Urfirer ’81 (Trustee)
President and COO
Stone Key Group

Casey Hartfiel ’17
Agency Process Specialist

Dai Ichikawa ’92
Senior Project Manager

Randy Lauer ’81 (Trustee)
Managing Director

Tanner Lydon ’18
Associate Real Estate Accountant

Katherine McCauley Najjar ’02 (Alumni Board)
Former Senior Strategy Manager

Matt McPherson ’17
District Sales Manager
Dot Foods

Sean Thomas ’81 (Trustee)
(Retired) Vice President, Negotiations and Contracts Executive
Alight Solutions, LLC

Devin Tyler ’17
Axiom Consulting

Dan Turk ’15
Platte River Equity

Dave Wiers
Satori Energy

Kyra Vidas ’18
Director of Basketball Operations
WNBA Atlanta Dream

Internal Community Members: Faculty, Staff, Students

Rich Bartolozzi ’86
Senior Director of Gift Planning, Development and Alumni Relations

Jim Catanzaro
Head Coach, Football

Amanda Felkey (Department Chair)
Associate Professor of Economics and Business

Stewart Foley
Lecturer in Finance and Special Advisor on the Practice of Finance

Ariana Gammel
Lecturer in Business

DeJuran Richardson (Department Chair)
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Enjo Salonga ’22
Majors: Economics and Environmental Studies
Minor: Mathematics


Affiliate Membership

There are many more people interested in contributing to the Career Pathways than will be able serve on Leadership Teams at any given time, and supporters who want to be highly involved, but are not serving on a Leadership Team may elect to join the Career Pathways as affiliate members. Privileges and responsibilities for affiliates include:

  • Receive regular updates from Pathway Leaders about events and success stories
  • Be invited to offer assistance to students in the Pathways – ways to help may include: event attendance, hosting interns, recommending sites for interns we are struggling to place, or networking referrals; some update messaging will be similar to what is provided to leadership teams
  • Highly engaged affiliate members can be considered as future Leadership Team members

Leadership Teams are limited to 20 members. All key stakeholders (faculty, staff, employers, alumni, parents, students and other friends of the College) are welcome to become affiliates. All stakeholders will receive periodic updates from the CAC; affiliate members will get more action-oriented, community-building messages, while more passive community members will receive outreach messages more appropriate for their level of involvement. There is no limit to the number of affiliate members associated with leadership teams, and key stakeholders are welcome to join multiple pathways as affiliate members. Join a Career Pathway as an affiliate.