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    The Chronicle of Higher Education calls the College’s unique career center one of the nation’s “New Models for a New Era.”

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  • Access Advisors

    Every student gets a career advisor from day one. 

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    Internships and more. It’s all about getting experience.

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What happens at a place named by The Chronicle of Higher Education  as a “national model?” 

  • Students are assigned a career advisor when they begin at the College, and join one or more Career Pathways as they complete Career Milestones.
  • Each Career Pathway is guided and supported by a Career Pathway Leader from the CAC and a Leadership Team. The Leadership Team is composed of a limited number of students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and friends of the College - it’s part activist, part advisory board. These are people eager to help students succeed.
  • 11 professional career center staff—more than twice the national median
  • Students can pursue up to three internships, and more than 50 percent graduate with internship credit
  • 97 percent of our students had jobs or enrolled in graduate school within six months after graduation

Career Pathways


Developing career goals — and a plan of action to achieve them — is a central part of the Lake Forest education. Through our signature Career Pathways, you’ll learn how to choose a major, build and activate a professional network, and develop a plan to position yourself for success after college. 

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