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Career Connections

For Students

Students, read our career advising update in response to the Coronavirus. The Career Advancement Center remains dedicated to helping students with their career planning every step of the way.

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Log in to Handshake to schedule a virtual appointment with an advisor in your career pathway. Need help scheduling an appointment? View our Handshake Help page here!

Join a Career Pathway

Career Pathways are specialized communities that help you match your interests with career preparation opportunities. Each Pathway has its own personality and unique events. Pathways are often, but not always, correlated to your major. You can join one or all five:

To join a career pathway, fill out this form—you will receive notifications about upcoming events and job and internship opportunities. View your current pathway by viewing the “Labels” section in your Handshake profile.

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Lake Forest College has switched to Handshake, the leading career platform used at over 500 colleges and by more than 200,000 employers. On Handshake you can

Current students already have an account. Log in using your Lake Forest College credentials. Visit lakeforest.joinhandshake.com to complete your profile and put your best self forward to employers!

Find a part-time job in the community using QuadJobs

Create an account on QuadJobs.com to see household and other part-time positions such as babysitting, tutoring, helping at parties, running errands, and moving furniture.