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Gummere Fellows Annual Report

Annual Report, 2018-19

2018-19 Fellows

In 2018, twelve students were selected from a pool of 19 applicants to serve as Gummere Fellows: Lexi Bruni ’19, Amy Budde ’19, Louis-Philippe De Courcy ’19, Hannah Gurholt ’21, Jo Hendriksen ’19, Isha Khalil ’19, Fallon Longfield ’21, Bob McKeon ’21, Lexi Nogulich ’19, Aaron O’Neill ’21, Rachel Purgerson ’19, and Noah Vanderhyde ’20. All involved and positive contributors to campus life, who share the same enthusiasm and pride about Lake Forest College as Spike Gummere himself. In addition to contributing in the College’s enrollment strategies, Gummere Fellows were responsible for representing the College, and Spike, at alumni gatherings both locally and across the country.

During this past year, Gummere Fellows participated in Development & External Relations events, interfacing with key alumni and fostering alumni engagement. Such events included:

Lillard Science Center Grand Opening

Gummere Fellows welcomed alumni and friends on the inaugural evening of Homecoming 2018. The Fellows received talking points about the new building to share with alumni, families, and friends.

Fellows Bob McKeon '21 (second from right) and Noah Vanderhyde '20 visiting with alumni at the Lillard Science Center Grand Opening.

Fellows Bob McKeon ’21 (second from right) and Noah Vanderhyde ’20 visiting with alumni at the Lillard Science Center Grand Opening. 

Philanthropy Awareness Week (P.A.W.)

Gummere Fellows worked with Development staff in order to groom current students to be contributing alumni upon graduation. Fellows participated in tabling events during the lunch hours of one week in November to educate current students about the importance of giving back.

Alumni Board Meeting, April 2019

Gummere Fellows attended the meeting to give an overview of their student experience and deliver campus updates. According to Suzanne Nyren ’72, Senior Director of Alumni and Community Engagement, “The Alumni Board was riveted by the presentation and kept the Fellows well past the designated conclusion of the meeting. The Board plans to invite them annually and encourage them to apply for membership, following graduation. On the post meeting survey, Alumni Board members rated the Gummere Fellows’ presentation a 5 (the highest rating).”

Forester Day 2019

A highly anticipated event on the Gummere Fellows’ calendar, Fellows prepared for their first off-campus, out-of-state events with alumni in eight different markets. The students traveled alone to their assigned city to attend an event with alumni, friends and families. They were responsible for keeping a reasonable budget, presenting themselves professionally, discussing their student experience, explaining their role as a Gummere Fellow, giving general campus updates and highlighting the Spike Initiative. The Forester Day events were well attended and the Fellows were very well received. 

Fellow Hannah Gurholt '21 (left) at the NYC Forester Day celebration.

Fellow Hannah Gurholt ’21 (left) at the NYC Forester Day celebration. 

In addition to Development & External Relations initiatives, the Fellows also assisted with Admissions events, on and off-campus, serving as “co-hosts” with Admissions staff. Six of the 12 Fellows were also College Ambassadors. Significant Admissions events included:

Campus Visit Days

As an “all hands on deck” event, Gummere Fellows served on student panels discussing student life, support, and academics at the College; they mingled with visitors, welcomed them to campus, answered general questions and directed them accordingly to get the most out of their time on campus.

Forester Scholars Weekend

While top-tier, prospective students were presenting their scholarship projects, Gummere Fellows served as resources to the parents of these students. They participated on panels, gave tours, answered questions and represented the best of student life at Lake Forest College.

Admissions Trips

Shortly after Forester Day, Gummere Fellows accompanied Admissions officers to overnight, often out-of-state receptions and schools. They interfaced with prospective students, answering questions about deciding to attend Lake Forest College, and how to be happy and successful in and out of the classroom.

Finally, as part of the Program graduating Fellows receive a $500 stipend to spend on “professional development” opportunities. Noted examples from the past year include:

Louis-Philippe De Courcy ’19 (major: Finance) used his stipend to travel back to his high school alma mater, The Hotchkiss School, to represent the College at the school’s spring college fair.

Lexie Nogulich ’19 (major: Sociology & Anthropology) is pursuing a career in communications, and used her stipend to attend the Annual International Communication Association Conference in Washington, D.C.

Amy Budde ’19 (major: Communication) chose to work and play professional hockey in Sweden, and elected to use her stipend on a Rosetta Stone language course to learn Swedish.

Jo Hendriksen ’19 (majors: Neuroscience and French) used her stipend to travel to the University of New Hampshire for a law school interview. Jo was admitted and received a scholarship.

Cassie Goodpaster, Associate Director of Admissions, concludes “Quite simply, the Fellows were invaluable. At our admitted student reception in St. Louis, nearly every student lined up to speak with them about something, and were thrilled to have the perspective of an articulate, involved, current student. They made our prospective students feel welcome, did an excellent job of connecting the admitted students with one another and allowed prospective students to envision themselves at Lake Forest College thanks to their stories and anecdotes.”

In spring 2019, thirty students submitted applications to be considered Gummere Fellows to replace the seven graduating seniors.