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ACM Conference 2019





Thank you for joining us for the 2019 ACM Alumni, Annual Giving, and Careers Conference! We hope you all found it productive and useful. Please take a moment to fill out this post-conference survey so we can continue to make these conferences better and better!

Below is the schedule of the conference now including presentation materials and contact information. 

See many of you next year in the Twin Cities!

Thursday, July 25


1:40 to 2:10 p.m. – Session #1

Option 1: Campus Partnerships
Presentation materials👉Campus Partnerships
Colleen Monks: monks@lakeforest.edu
Jamie Williams: jawilliams@lakeforest.edu 

Option 2: Young Alumni Engagement
Presentation materials 👉Young Alumni Engagement
Michael Thompson: mthompson3@carleton.edu
Leila Keita: lkeita@carleton.edu 

2:15 to 2:45 p.m. – Session #2

Option #1: Volunteer Management & Reunion Giving
This session was discussion based with no presentation materials. For questions regarding the session, please contact the leaders.
Sherry Alcock: alcock@luther.edu
Rachel Vsetecka: vsetra01@luther.edu 


Option #2: How to Effectively Analyze Your Data
Presentation materials 👉How to Effectively Analyze Your Data
Sarah Stoklosa: stoklosa@lakeforest.edu 

Option #3: Faculty Partnerships
Presentation materials👉Faculty Partnerships
Marie Josephitis: mjoesphitis@lakeforest.edu
Professor Stewart Foley: foley@lakeforest.edu 


3 to 4 p.m. – Session #3

Option #1: Best of Giving Days
Presentation materials👉Best of Giving Day Google Doc


Option #2: “That’s not what I meant”: A Dialogue on Diversity and Inclusion in the Career Center

Friday, July 26

9 to 10 a.m. – Session #1

Option #1: Engaging Your Alumni
Presentation materials 👉Engaging Your Alumni
Amy Gerretsen: gerretsena@ripon.edu 


Option #2: Reversing the Downward Trends – how to acquire, retain and sustain.
Presentation materials👉 ACM Benchmarking 
Alumni Giving Benchmarks
Industry Benchmarks 
Class Leadership Teams (Lawrence)
Pay it Forward Program (Macalester)
Anniversary Card (Monmouth)

Kim Weidner-Feigh: weidnerfeigh@lakeforest.edu 


Option #3: The FLASH Internship Program at Ripon College
Presentation materials 👉FLASH Internship at Ripon

10:15 to 11:15 a.m. – Session #2

Option #1: Digital Age Communication & Giving
Presentation Materials👉Digital Age Communication and Giving
Amazon Pay information.
Sarah Stoklosa: stoklosa@lakeforest.edu
Jamie Williams: jawilliams@lakeforest.edu  


Option #2: Career Services Spotlight


Attendee Contact Information: 
Charlie Barlow
, ACM Staff Member, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Programs, cbarlow@acm.edu
Rebecca Holloway, ACM Staff Member, Director of Strategic Partnerships, rholloway@acm.edu
Philip Gorman, Beloit College, Director of Annual Giving, gormanpa@beloit.edu
Laura Clemens, Carleton College, Associate Director,lclemens@carleton.edu 
Leila Keita, Carleton College, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, lkeita@carleton.edu
Michael Thompson, Carleton College, Director of Alumni Relations, mthompson3@carleton.edu
Rachel Leatham, Carleton College, Associate Director, rleatham@carleton.edu
RJ Holmes-Leopold, Carleton College, Director, rholmes@carleton.edu
Michael Geneser, Cornell College, Director of Alumni Engagement, mgeneser@cornellcollege.edu
Zoe Russell, Cornell College, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, zrussell@cornellcollege.edu
Eric Johnson, Knox College, Associate Director ofAlumni Engagement and Campus Connections, ebjohnson@knox.edu
Jennifer Gallas, Knox College, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, jgallas@knox.edu
Jillian Brackett, Knox College, K Club Coordinator, jpbrackett@knox.edu 
Kendra Hein, Knox College, Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development, khein@knox.edu
Laura Swanson, Knox College, Advancement Accounting Manager, lbswanson@knox.edu
Maggie Fultz, Knox College, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, mmfultz@knox.edu
Sarah Byrd, Knox College, Executive Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement, sebyrd@knox.edu
Amanda Netzel, Lawrence University, Assistant Director of Employer & Alumni Relations, amanda.g.netzel@lawrence.edu
Amber Nelson, Lawrence University, Associate Director of Annual Giving, amber.r.nelson@lawrence.edu
Dakota Williams, Lawrence University, Assistant Director of Alumni & Constituency Engagement, dakota.a.williams@lawrence.edu
Kevin LeBeau, Lawrence University, Associate Director of Annual Giving, kevin.lebeau@lawrence.edu
Lauren Barnes, Lawrence University, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, lauren.e.barnes@lawrence.edu
Sarah Schlichter, Lawrence University, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, sarah.c.schlichter@lawrence.edu
Rachel Vsetecka, Luther College, Director of Reunion Giving, vsetra01@luther.edu
Sherry Alcock, Luther College, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, alcock@luther.edu
Andrew Brown, Macalester College, Vice President for Advancement, dabrown@macalester.edu
John Mountain, Macalester College, Director, Career Development, mountain@macalester.edu
Katie Ladas, Macalester College, Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement, kladas@macalester.edu
Jeani Talbott, Monmouth College, Associate Director of the 1853 Society, jtalbott@monmouthcollege.edu
Jen Armstrong, Monmouth College, Associate Director of the Monmouth Fund, jmarmstrong@monmouthcollege.edu
Rachel Evans, Monmouth College, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, revans@monmouthcollege.edu
Amy Gerretsen, Ripon College, Director of Constituent Engagement, gerretsena@ripon.edu
Kelly Nielsen, Ripon College, Director of Annual Giving, nielsenk@ripon.edu
Sara Hathaway, Ripon College, Assistant Director, hathaways@ripon.edu
Yvonne Nicklaus, Ripon College, Associate Director of Engagement & Outreach, nicklausy@ripon.edu
Jenele Grassle, St. Olaf College, Associate Director, Alumni Career Services, grassl1@stolaf.edu
Kelly Vikla, St. Olaf College, Associate Director, vikla1@stolaf.edu