Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due in full 14 days before registration unless enrolled in a monthly payment plan. Registration for subsequent semesters will not be permitted if payments are not up to date.

Full-Time Student

  • Tuition and Fees 2014 - 2015
    Semester Full Year
    Tuition $20,224 $40,448
    Activity fee       $145 $290
    Health Center fee $117 $234
    Recreation & fitness fee* $200 $200
    Subtotal $20,686 $41,172
    On-Campus Resident Charges  
    Standard Room Rate $2,240 $4,480
    Board (all meal plans) $2,500 $5,000
    Subtotal $4,740 $9,480
    Total Tuition and Charges $25,426 $50,652

    *Recreation & Fitness Fee charged in the Fall to all Lake Forest College students, including students off campus who will be returning in the spring.


    Differential Charges for Single Rooms and South Campus Duplexes

    (South campus duplexes are for upperclassmen only.)

      Semester Full Year

    Halls: Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, Nollen (Double or Triple)

    Roberts, McClure, Gregory (enhanced Triple)

    $2,540 $5,080
    Halls: Roberts, McClure, Gregory (Stairwell Single),  $2,695 $5,390
    South Campus Apartments (Double) $2,695 $5,390
    Halls: Roberts, McClure, Gregory (Single)   $2,745 $5,490
    South Campus Apartment (Single) $2,745 $5,490
    McClure, Gregory, Roberts (Super Double)   $2,845 $5,690
    Halls: Lois, Cleveland-Young, Deerpath, Harlan, Blackstone, Nollen (Single) Moore (Double) $2,950 $5,900
    Moore Hall Super Suite $3,050 $6,100


    Other Tuition Charges
    Tuition per Course
    Exam credit included                                                             
    Auditor tuition per course    $400
    Course Overload Tuition
    For more than 4 1/2 credits
    Per half-course credit $2,528
    Per quarter-course credit $1,244
    Community Education  
    Tuition per Course $5,056
    Degree Candidacy Pending Student (DCP)  
    Tuition per course $2,925
    Billing deposit    $200

    Dual High School Enrollment


    Master of Arts in Teaching


    Tuition per course


    Post Graduate Teaching Option


    Tuition per course


    Masters of Liberal Studies

    Tuition per course $2,480
    Billing deposit    $200
    Other Expenses

    Student health insurance

    Mandatory unless waiver is completed and accepted by January 2nd (Spring Semester Students Only)

    Full year-12 month 
    Second semester only (Jan - Aug) 
    Orientation fee $200
    Senior dues $100
    Music Lessons (per hour) $55