Financial Aid Forms

You are not required to complete all forms.  Contact us if you are unsure what form(s) are needed.

2017–2018 Academic Year

Applications (U.S. citizens/permanent residents)

The CSS Profile is not required for U.S. citizens/perm residents. 

Additional forms will be posted later in 2016.

Special Circumstance Forms  (available later)

Priority deadlines: new students, Dec 1    returning students, Feb 1

Verification Worksheets  (available later)

  • Asset Verification 
  • Household Size         Dependent     Independent
  • V-1         Dependent    Independent
  • V-4
  • V-5

Priority Deadlines

  • New students - November 1 (IL residents);  December 1 (non-IL)
  • Returning students - November 1 (IL residents);  February 1 (non-IL)

2016–2017 Academic Year


Informational Documents

Loan Forms

Cancel, decline, decrease or increase an existing loan

Special Circumstance Forms 

  • Please complete any applicable form(s) only if your cost exceeds the minimum amount shown. Return them to the Office of Financial Aid. If possible, save as a .pdf and send by email. You may also fax or send by mail to the number/address on the form.
    • Educational Expenses - parent paying $2000+ for him/herself or your younger sibling during 2016-2017 academic year
    • Educational Loans - parent paying $2000+ toward loans in 2016 for which they are the borrower
    • Healthcare Expenses - parent paying $3000+ in 2015 or 2016, which are not paid with “pre-tax” dollars
    • Unusual Expenses - parent paying $2000+ for daycare, funeral, legal, etc. in 2015 or 2016

Verification Worksheets


Documenting 2015 Income

  • Best Option: use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool/DRT (video or .pdf). It is not available in the following circumstances: 
    • a married student/parent filed separate tax returns
    • a student or his/her parents have had a change in marital status after December 31, 2015
    • a student or his/her parent filed an amended tax return
    • a student or his/her parent filed a foreign tax return

  • If you cannot use the DRT: request a Tax Return Transcript (TRT)

Satisfactory Academic Progress (“SAP”)

  • Detailed information about this policy can be found here.
  • SAP Appeal Form - for returning students who do not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards and wish to appeal.