On-Campus Housing

Living on campus is a wonderful way for new students to get connected at Lake Forest College.  Students make new friends, learn to navigate roommate relationships, and find study partners right down the hall.

Residency Requirement

Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, the College will have a residency requirement for most first, second, and third year students. This means that most first, second, and third year students are required to live in campus housing. As we strive to increase student success, build community, and educate students outside the classroom, we believe that it’s important to have as many students as possible participate in our residential program.

There are some notable exceptions to the residency requirement. Students who meet any one of the following conditions may apply for an exemption from the three-year residency requirement:

  • Live at home with parent/guardian within 30 road miles of the College;
  • Age 23 or older;
  • Have dependent children;
  • Are married;
  • Active members of the armed forces; or,
  • Have completed 24 credits or more (not including AP or IB credits).
Prices and room assignments

The basic residence hall room charge is $4,480 annually (non-single, no air conditioning), which is where most First-Year students will be placed. The residence halls for First-Year students that are priced at the basic rate (the majority of rooms are double-occupancy) include:

  • Lois
  • Blackstone
  • Harlan
  • Nollen (Air conditioned - See rate below)

Special accommodations, apartments, and room configurations are charged at a different rate, outlined below: 

  • Air conditioning, not available at Lois, Blackstone, or Harlan halls, costs an additional $500 annually ($4,980 total)
  • Single rooms (if available) costs an additional $800 to $1,300 ($5,280 - $5,780 total)
  • Super suites (available only to upper-class students) costs an additional $1,500 ($5,980 total)
  • Campus apartments (upper-class students) cost an additional $800 ($5,280 total)
  • Enhanced triples (upper-class students) cost an additional $500 ($4,980 total)

The additional cost of residence halls is the responsibility of the student to pay. Housing assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do our best to honor roommate preferences and special accommodations when assigning residence halls and roommates.

When you sign up for housing, you’ll also be asked to choose a meal plan.

Meal Plan Information

Lake Forest College offers a variety of dining options through Aramark Dining Services. The primary dining location on campus is the Hart Dining Hall serving all-you-care-to-eat meals. Also, several a la carte locations offer students additional dining choices including four cafés, a grill location, and a convenience store style retail shop.

Residents may select from three different meal plans, all of which cost the same ($4,812), but offer different ratios of meals (all-you-care-to-eat in the dining hall) to flex dollars (stored value on your college ID which can be used at any dining facility).

  • 20 meals weekly with $190.50 annual flex dollars to spend at a la carte locations
  • 15 meals weekly with $456.50 annual flex dollars to spend at a la carte locations
  • 10 meals weekly with $801.50 annual flex dollars to spend at a la carte locations

Please note that flex dollars associated with your meal plan expire at the end of the semester and do not carry over. For questions regarding food services, or to purchase additional flex dollars, please contact Aramark Dining Services at 847-735-5225. 

Amenities and Services Partnerships

We partner with several outside companies to provide additional resources for resident students. The ones listed below allow you to being outfitting your room before you even move in!

Residence hall linen program
On Campus Marketing, Inc. (OCM) has been bringing quality services and products to college campuses, student and parents for over a decade.

We are confident the items you find here will fit well and hold up to the rigors of college life. If at any time from the first day of school until graduation you are not satisfied, you can return any item for a full refund of the price of the item.

Refrigerator and Microfridge Rental
Bedloft.com by Collegiate Marketing provides microfridge and refrigerator rentals for Lake Forest College students. Microwaves attached to the “MicroFridge” rental units are permitted in Deerpath, Cleveland-Young, Harlan, Blackstone Academic, and Nollen Halls. Individual microwave units are not permitted in any resident room. All residence halls have at least one communal microwave available for resident use.