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David B. Mathis Kemper Scholar Program

The David B. Mathis Kemper Scholar Program at Lake Forest College, awarded by the James S. Kemper Foundation, provides scholarships, internships, and career coaching to high-potential undergraduate students enabling them to develop the practical and professional skills they need to successfully launch a career in business.

About the Kemper Foundation

The Kemper Foundation’s historical mission is to introduce students to careers in the various aspects of the insurance industry. Kemper Scholars must be genuinely open to considering the value of such a career.

The Kemper Foundation hopes to foster future leaders who pursue a vigorous, broad undergraduate education while participating in community service, engaging in campus activities and exploring their vocational calling outside the classroom.

Lake Forest College is one of 9 colleges in the United States that participate in the Kemper Scholars Program.  Our program, though, named in honor of long-time College and Kemper Foundation trustee David B. Mathis, provides up to four awards per year.

Who is eligible?

Students of any major who are committed to pursuing a career in business and open to exploring job opportunities in the insurance industry.

Yet, the Foundation is particularly interested in students with strong quantitative skills, as evidenced by successful coursework in math, statistics and/or a declared or intended major in economics, mathematics or statistics. The Foundation is also particularly interested in students studying accounting, finance, and computer science.  

The insurance industry

One of the fastest growing industries nation-wide, insurance offers opportunities for those interested in organizational development, sports, marketing, information technology, entertainment sales and more. Read more about the opportunities via our Vault Guide to Insurance.  

  • NOW: Application is now open; start drafting responses
  • December 1: Request recommendations from faculty
  • December 15: Consult with Kemper Scholars Campus Coordinator Stewart Foley or Career Advancement Center Advisor Marie Josephitis for application tips (optional)
  • January 15: Final deadline for application submission

Any first-year can begin to draft an application. An application can be saved multiple times in draft form until the applicant chooses to submit it, up to the January 15, 2019 deadline. 

The application page can be reached by clicking on the words “Kemper Scholars Program Application” at the bottom of our homepage at www.jskemper.org. Applicants will be invited to open an account.

The process also requires that students solicit two letters of recommendation. Applicants should use the application portal to make these requests for letters of support before winter break—ideally by Friday, December 8th—to ensure recommenders have as much time as possible to complete and submit their letters.

Benefits for the scholars

Please see the current benefits list, which include: 

  • Financial Scholarships. Kemper Scholars receive scholarships of $3,000-$15,000 per academic year during their sophomore, junior and senior years of undergraduate study, depending on demonstrated need. 
  • Mentoring. Throughout their term as Kemper Scholars, participants are mentored by James S. Kemper Foundation staff. This coaching includes annual goal setting and webinars, one-on-one meetings, and professional development seminars during the post-sophomore summer as part of the Chicago Summer Experience. Scholars also receive coaching and mentoring from their internship supervisors each summer and during their participation in the annual Kemper Career Institute in Chicago.
  • Internships and Stipends

    Post-Sophomore Summer Experience: Scholars receive a stipend and housing to live as a group in Chicago, participate in weekly seminars and cultural outings, and work as interns with different organizations across the city. Scholars will receive a stipend of $5,000 for their work in addition to free housing.

    Post-Junior Internship: Scholars are eligible to apply for a paid internship with Kemper Corporation in a variety of fields and locations across the United States. Scholars selected to intern at the 
    Kemper Corporation will receive a stipend of $2,500 for their work in addition to hourly wages paid by Kemper Corporation.

    Scholars not selected to intern with Kemper Corporation, but who remain in good standing in the program, will continue to receive their standard yearly scholarship ($3,000-$15,000). These Scholars will be responsible for securing their own post-junior paid summer internship in a for-profit organization and will receive a summer stipend of $2,500.
To be eligible, students must:
  • Be currently enrolled at a Kemper Scholars Program Partner Institution
  • Plan to graduate in no less than four years and have completed less than 20% of the coursework required for your major
  • Be academically successful (Maintain 3.00 or better GPA throughout program)
  • Be committed to pursuing a career in business and open to exploring job opportunities in the insurance industry
  • Be committed to your responsibilities as a Scholar
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
(Please consult the Kemper Scholars eligibility requirements.)