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Access Summer

Transfer Students

Summer Classes

Free Summer Course Offering 

All deposited, full-time transfer students to the College are eligible to enroll in one free, full-credit undergraduate course during one of the three summer terms. The College is offering this special opportunity in response to the financial challenges that many students and families are now experiencing due to the coronavirus.

To view courses and register for a free course click here. Some courses have already filled. You can check course enrollments here. Choose “Course Search” and select the correct term in the pull down menu.

Transfer Boost

In addition to the one free course, transfer students may also take advantage of the Transfer Boost, which can be used to take courses toward your major for only $600.

If you are a transfer student majoring in Psychology, you can beef up your your analytical skills by taking Psyc 150 for free!

Business Boost
Business Boost lets incoming Business transfer students who have been accepted and who have made a deposit take any summer Business class that is required or helps fulfill their Business major requirement (marked by a “*” or “#” below) for only $600.
This is a great deal to help you make progress toward the Business degree. That’s right, our tuition is set at community college levels. Each class is four-credit-hours.
Psych and Neuro Boost

Psyc and Neuro Boost lets incoming Psychology or Neuroscience transfer students who have been accepted and who have made a deposit take Psyc 150 for free if they meet, or will have met, the requirements for Psyc 221 before enrolling in the fall. The course is intended to be a skills-building and preparatory course for subsequent enrollment into PSYC 221L (Research Methods & Statistics I). 

Tech Boost

The Technology requirement of our Forester Fundamental Curriculum can be satisfied with ECON 129 (in Microsoft Excel). Any incoming transfer student can take our summer ECON 129 for free in addition to one other free course.

Boost Courses

*    class required for business majors
 #    class can fulfill requirement for business majors

May Term: May 12-June 5
Classes meet Tuesday - Friday. No classes on Monday.
June Term: June 8-July 2
Classes meet Monday - Thursday. No classes on Monday.

  • David Jordan

    9:00 - 11:50 am

  • ECON 129*

    Microsoft Excel (1/2 Credit / 2 Semester Hours) FULL

    Connie Corso

    All work online

  • ECON 130*

    Applied Statistics FULL

    (Lake Forest College students must also enroll in ECON 129 at the same time, unless previously completed. Students will earn 1.5 Lake Forest College credits. There is no additional charge for ECON 129 for Lake Forest College students.)

    Muris Hadzic

    9:00 - 11:50 am

  • MATH 110#
    Safa Hamed

    9:00 - 11:50 am

July Term: July 6-July 30
Classes meet Monday - Thursday. No classes on Friday.

For courses apart from the free offer and Boost, summer tuition is $3,300 per four-credit course or internship. Grants range from $1,300 - $2,300 based on 2019-2020 FAFSA’s need. More information on summer costs can be found here.