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Field School: Flora of Lake Michigan

A special opportunity to study the flora of the Great Lakes during a three-week camping trip in which the class will travel around Lake Michigan and study the plants of the region. 

Environmental Studies 205/Biology 205
Field School: Lake Michigan Flora

Taught by Professor Glenn Adelson, who will lead the trip.

This course introduces students to the identification, systematics, evolution, ecology, and natural history of the summer flora of the land surrounding Lake Michigan. This course is an extensive off-campus three-week field course in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. Students learn to identify between 150 and 200 species of wildflowers, grasses, trees, shrubs, and other plants, and learn the characteristics of 15 to 20 plant families. Additional fee will be assessed. No prerequisites. (Meets FFC Natural and Mathematical Sciences Requirement.)

This course meets locally all day for the three days of July 5–7 for introduction and orientation. We then leave for three weeks (July 8–28) to circle Lake Michigan. Extensive camping is involved. Expect to have serious fun.

Credit and Cost

This is a field course worth 4 semester hours of credit (1 Lake Forest College credit). Three weeks of this course will be a camping field-trip that circles Lake Michigan.

Tuition for this course will be $3,300. 

Lake Forest College students and visiting students are also eligible for a need-based financial grant of up to $800. 

Summer Session high-school student tuition is $3,300. Summer Merit Scholarships are available in award amounts up to $800.

A fee of $150 will be assessed towards the cost of food. All other travel costs are included.

The $400 rate for Lake Forest College students behind on credits does not apply for this course.

Environmental Studies at Lake Forest College

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