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Review Articles

March 2020 Volume 16

Eukaryon Volume 16 Cover


March 2018 Volume 14

Eukaryon Volume 14 Cover


A Tale of Two Moods: Energy Deficiency in Bipolar Disorder
Hamza Mahmood, Rosemary Thomas, Danielle Sychowski

Manipulations of Protective Post-Translational Modifications of Ataxin-3 as a Possible Treatment of SCA3 
 Yoan Ganev, Trevor Buhr, Hamza Mahmood

Epileptic Channels: Dysfunctional Trio of Excitable Cells 
 Yoan Ganev, Sam Plutchak, Parth Tank

Novel Insights into CTE Treatment and Diagnosis 
 Alexander Blumfelt, Eliska Mrackova, Krista Meuli

Unsuppressed Growth in NF: A Trio of Tumorigenic Mutations 
 Alexander Blumfelt, Schuyler Kogan, Roxy Sandor

Neuroscience: Epigenetics and the “social” gene 
 Jeremy Berg

Lost and Found: Deletion of Zdhhc8 gene is associated with schizophrenia 
 Kristina Karapetyan

How the Right Path Can Go Wrong 
 Brittany Avonts

Sweating Up a Storm: Areas of Regular Flooding Disturbance Modeled Through Human Skin Bacteria on Athletes and Non-Athletes 
 Daniel Beintema

The Invasion of Indo-Pacific Red Lionfish in Atlantic Coral Reefs 
 Emily Staufer

The Northern Snakehead, Channa Argus, as an Invasive Species 
 Hannah Stinson

The Burmese Python: An Invasive Species Who Eats to Its Heart’s Content 
 Ibtihaj Khan

Rusty Crayfish 
 Jacob Levin

Patterns of morphospecies richness, diversity, and community similarity across a hair density gradient in the human skin microbiome 
 Jeanne McDonald

Evidence Found of a Learned Navigational Map in White Crowned Sparrows 
 Mattew McMahon

Female Guppies’ Preference of Novel Males 
 Aaron O’Neill

Peacock Courtship 
 Britt Dahlin

 Ted Nowak

Argentine Ant Invasion 
 Megan Crapo


March 2017 Volume 13

Eukaryon Volume 13

Treatment options for the invasive emerald ash borer 
Elisabeth Bacon

Homosexuality in Animals: An Analysis of Sexual Behavior Theories 
 Amanda Gibbs

Finding Nature in the Unnatural: Toward a Philosophy of Synanthropy 
 Sam Froiland

Domestication of Gleditsia triacanthos 
 Ashley Garver

Cephalopod Encephalization 
 Amanda Gibbs

Animal Welfare Legislation and Standards for Farmed Animals: The Lack Thereof 
 Brittany Schweiger

The nose knows: MHC-dependent mate selection in humans through odor preference 
 Alexandra Roman

High Times: The evolution of the stigma on marijuana and attempts to tear it down 
 Kaloyan Ivanov

The Efficacy of Model Organisms for Hallucinogen Research 
 Yuri Parasiuk

Analysis of the differences between hallucinations caused by natural hallucinogens and schizophrenia 
 Kristofer L. Korth

The Effects of China’s Policy and Biodiversity Loss on Camptotheca acuminta 
 Nikko Italia

Neurotoxins and the Effects on the Chamorro People of Guam 
 Danielle J. Sychowski

Type 1 Diabetes Research Proposal: Degradation of C3 in Subjects Shows Promise for a Cure 
 Natalie Brusie

The immune response and its role in renal transplant rejection 
 Kristofer L. Korth


March 2016 Volume 12

Eukaryon Volume 12

Studying the Molecular Mechanism of Post-Translational Modification of Lamin A in Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome
Tyler Kaplan

1 trillion odors, 1,000 genes, 1 nose: The “scent-sational” mysteries of smell
Kayla Huber

A Go on NOGO: Promising Therapy for CNS Disease and Injury
Cecilia Reyes and Yaroslav Voronin

Neurobandits: A runaway Dopamine Molecule that can’t be Stopped
Logan Graham, Morgan Marshall, and Ruby Ortiz

Epilepsy: Don’t get too excited
Natalie Brusie and Alyssa Tunison

The Dance of the Long-tailed Manakin
Keke Roberts

Plasticity of Adult Human Brains
Khadijah Hamid

The Effects of Herbivory on Soil Composition in Tropical Rainforests
Hailey Broeker

A Comparison of Healing from Disease and Negative Energy through Ayahuasca use and Prevention of the Evil Eye
Dianna Saakov

A comparison of historical and current use of Salvia divinorum  in the United States and Mexico
Melisa Cambron

The connection between psilocybin and dreaming
Sarah Pekar

Analysis of the Invasion of the Asian Carp
Trevor Buhr

The pathway leading to the conformational change of reflectin to produce color change incephalopods
Tyler Kaplan

Detecting the danger: How do moth and butterflies manage to escape their predators?
Joshua Spreng

A comparison of species richness, abundance, and diversity across the human microbe system: a parallel to the latitudinal diversity gradient
Olga Kutkovska and Peter Nesper


March 2015 Volume 11

Eukaryon Volume 11

The Immortality of Turritopsis nutricula
Tyler Kaplan 

The Consequences of Sexual Selection and Uneven Sex Ratios in Humans 
Lindsey Hartup 

Gene Sequencing to Support Malaria Relapse is Induced by Primary Infection, Not a New Source
Nick Spero

Evolutionary Consequences of the Plasmodium falciparum Sporozite Vaccine in Humans
Shannon Lakemacher

How the Work of Marie Curie Restricted the Advancement of Future Female Scientists
Kayla Huber

Everybody’s a Little Bit Sexist 
Kayla Huber

Enhancement of Memory Through Curiosity-Driven Learning 
Sarah Goldberg, Amanda Gibbs, Belen Martinez Caro-Aguado, Maribel Munoz

Debate Over Origin of Long Necks in Giraffes (Giraffe cameloparadalis)
Javier Martinez

Is there a Correlation Between Deforestation and the Rise of Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa 
Kyle Siverhus 

Fragmentation Reduces Dietary Diversity, Yet Expands Dietary Options of Madagascar Lemurs 
Peyton Schrag

An Inquiry About Non-Native Pinus contort and its Capability to Accelerate Disturbed Forest Restoration
Derek Pascal 

Sniffing Out Smell: Odorant Detection, Coding and Perception
Amanda Allred

Fragile X: Mental Retardation Caused by Expanded CGG and Silenced FMR
Rida Khan

Williams Syndrome: The Extraordinary Profile of a Micro-deletion
Alexus Edmonds 

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: A Century of Winners
Amber Craghead

Leptin and its Role in Obesity
Nichole Monhait 

The Importance and Practical Application of Authophagy in Human Health
Ryan Drake

Regional Extinction of Myotis lucifugus Due to Psychophrill Geomyces destructans and Persisting White-Nose Syndrome 
Lauren Leeber

A Comparison Of Extinction Risk in Shallow Versus Deep Water Reefs
Hillary Wind

Impact of Wolf Reintroduction on Bison and Grizzly Bear Populations and Trophic Cascades in Yellowstone National Park
Galina Lipkin 

Philosophy of Music: Graphic Scores and the Brain
Hannah Samberg 

Diestablishing the Dichotomy
Sarah Chiren


March 2014 Volume 10

Eukaryon Volume 10


Painful, hot, and toxic secrets of TRP channels 
 Rachel Gonzales

Myeloid Leukemia: Mechanisms of Stem Cell Mutation, Proliferation, and the Ensuing Treatments 
 Alexandra Reeder 

Changes in Behavior following Extinction: the Effects on Predator Species versus Prey Species 
 Jennifer Sojka

C. elegans Exposed to Calorie Restriction and Resveratrol Concurrently have Statistically Similar Lifespans to the Control 
 Tyler Kaplan

Assessing the Ecological Restoration of Motutapu Island, New Zealand 
 Samantha Zender

A Snapshot of Breast Cancer 
 Brianna Lemond

The Remarkable Effects of Misfolded Proteins: Infection, Evolution, & Disease 
 Katrina Campbell

The Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Antibiotic Resistance 
 Tyler Kaplan

Historical Ocean Chemistry Changes in Relation to Modern Ocean Chemistry with the Addition of Anthropogenic Factors 
 Kristen Waltos


March 2013 Volume 9

Eukaryon Volume 9

Lies, Lies, Lies…in nature? 
 Jennifer Sojka

Invasive Flights of the Africanized Honeybees 
Jeremy Boeing

Tamarix Spread, Establishment, and Removal 
 Abby Brownwell

Biological Invasion of Lionfish in the Atlantic 
Ryan Drake

Stroke of Genius: Provoking Plasticity 
Kristina Johnson

Pathways from Psychosocial Stress to Risky Sexual Behavior Among Lowincome Inner City African American (AA) Women in Adolescence and Emerging 
 Alexus Edmonds

Channeling epilepsy’s hyper-active potential 
 Victoria Egedus

Uncovering the Mysteries of Alpha-Synuclein Natural Truncation Variants 
 Natalie Kukulka

The Intruding Ways of NF1, NF2, and Glioma Tumors 
 Sydni Cole, Daysi Vargas, Shabana Yusufishaq

Firings of a Schizophrenic Mind: Faulty neurotransmission and genetics 
 Madhavi Senagolage and Peter Sullivan


March 2012 Volume 8

Eukaryon Volume 8

Odor in Human Mate Choice
Robin Graber


Grace Brandon


Ashleigh Porter


Sydni Cole


Menzi Mhlanga


Jillian Pastick


Christian Athens


Grant Alexander


March 2011 Volume 7

Eukaryon Volume 7

Verdict in Neurodegeneration: Murder by Amyloid Protofibrils
Jaime Perez 

Fish Decline, Caused by Global Warming, May Leave Many Hungry in the Amazon

Elizabeth Ross 

Lisa Pahomov 
Erika Alto 

Jody Buck 

Lisa Pahomov 


March 2010 Volume 6

Eukaryon Volume 6

The KIBRA Gene: Learning About Memory 
 Danielle Clark

The Induced Pluripotent Cell: Development & Clinical Applications 
 Lauren Ferrell

Spinal Cord Regeneration: Ready, Set, Nogo 
Stephen Strittmatter (Role played by Michael Fiske)

NOD2 Investigating IBD with Autophagy and Interleukins 
 Jonathan Flaksman, Alina Konnikova, Elizabeth Pahomov, and Ashleigh Porter

Lung Cancer: The Breathtaking Battle of TKIs and EGFR Mutants 
 Robert Hodges, Elizabeth Ross, Natalie Simak, Keith Solvang, and Eliot Vildaver

SMN Deficiency in SMA: Splicing Gone Awry 
 Gideon Dreyfuss (Role played by Stephanne Levin)

Leptin: The Satiety Hormone and its Influence on Obesity 
 Emily Pospiech

Melanic Coat Color Variation in Rock Pocket Mice (Chaetodius intermedius) 
 Laura Thilgen 

Speciation: The Genetics Responsible for Intrinsic Post-Zygotic Isolation 
 Christopher Tossing 

The Roles that age-1 and daf-2 Genes Play in Aging  
 Reema Upadhyaya


March 2009 Volume 5

Eukaryon Volume 5

Polycystic Kidney Disease:The Cyst-ematic Destruction of Renal Function 
Sadaf Ahmad, Ray Choi, Quincy Roberts, Ben Simpson, and Jennillee Wallace

Cystic Fibrosis: Channeling the Discovery of CFTR Mutations 
 Jennifer Brown, Jessica Disch, Jaymie Honold, Melissa Schramm, and Nengding Wang

The Hunt in Huntington: What Causes Toxicity? 
Daryn Cass

Stepping Forward With MD: Current Research on Five Common Types 
Elizabeth Dean, Sheiva Jahaban, Jillian Olejnik, Katie Rice, and Cejay Roman 

Leading the Blind: Guidance of Neuronal and Vascular Growth 
Brian Kinsman 

Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C: At the Heart of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Humans and Domestic Cats 
 Stephanne Levin

The Sympatric Speciation of Rhagoletis pomonella 
David Piper

Timema cristinae 
Lorraine Scanlon

The Myostatin Gene 
 Geoffrey Weiner


March 2008 Volume 4

Eukaryon Volume 4

A Wrinkle in Time: Premature Aging in HGPS and RD

Danielle Clark, Nicole Fields, Spenser Hicks, Stephanne Levin, and Emily Pospiech

Gene Mutations: One of the Many Roads to Deafness

Shaun Davis, Laura Hoholik, Kushal Modi, and Lindsey Rockwell

Apoptosis in Neurodegeneration: Programmed Cell Death and its Role in Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Diseases

Elizabeth Dean

Review: An Examination of 131I Dosages for Treatment of Graves’ Disease

Michael Fiske, Joseph Campagna, and Clare Conlisk

The Effects of Algal Abundance in an Energy Sensitive Environment on the Galapagos Island Marine Iguana

Chris Georgen

The Evolution of Mimicry

Ethan Helm

A One-sided Affair: a Look at Orchid’s Two-Faced Ways Lisa Jeziorny

Knowing Your Nose: Discovering How We Smell

Krista Kusinski

Telomere Regeneration in Spermatogenesis and During Early Embryogenesis

Max Meltser

A Review of “Prospective Study of Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction” by Bacon et al.

David N. Piper

Death & Fate: Nobel Lessons from an Elegant Worm

Mithaq Vahedi

Progressive, Irreversible Loss of Vision: Gyrate Atrophy of the Choroid and Retina

Sina Vahedi

a-Synuclein Phosphorylation and Nitration in Parkinson’s Disease

Stephanie Valtierra

Williams Syndrome: The Costs and Benefits of Chromosomal Deletion

Stephanie Valtierra

Satisfying the Immense Energy Demands of the Body, and the Effects of Mutation within the Mitochondrial ATP6 Gene

Michael White


February 2007 Volume 3

Eukaryon Volume 3

History Tend to Repeat: FMR-1 Silencing in Fragile X Syndrome

Joshua Haas

A Ride with Listeria monocytogenes: A Trojan Horse

Joshua Haas, Krista Kusinski, Shruti Pore, Solmaz Shadman, and Mithaq Vahedi

Nanotechnology May Replace Existing Treatments for Cancer

Ethan Helm

Coal Power: Providing Energy, Asthma, Cardiovascular Disease, and Free Abortions

Ethan Helm and Benjamin Larsen

Guts & Glory H. pylori: Cause of Peptic Ulcer

Ashley Johnson, Bryan Kratz, Lorraine Scanlon, and Alina Spivak

Evolutionary Antibiotic Resistance as Documented in Multiple Strains of Staphylococcus

Michelle McKinzey

Alpha-Synuclein Misfolding and Aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease

Michael White

Mitochondrial Deficiencies and Oxidative Stress in Parkinson’s Disease: A Slippery Slope to Cell Death

Michael Zorniak


February 2006 Volume 2

Eukaryon Volume 2

Oxidative Stress, a-Synuclein, and Apoptosis in Parkinson’s Disease

Katrina Brandis

Pathways of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy: HIV as a Model System?

Chelsea Bueter, Michelle McKinzey, Chloe Salzmann, and Michael Zorniak

The Heli-CASE of the Missing WRN Gene

Lisa Jeziorny, Lindsey McCurdy, Katie Michael, Jennifer Riddle, and Kim Silvers

Atherosclerotic Assault

Crystal Lester, Karina Nikogosian, Ruja Shrestha, and Courtney Tucker

Eating Disorders: Could They be Autoimmune Diseases?

Melissa Stevenson

Remember the Protofibrils

Michael White


January 2005 Volume 1

Eukaryon Volume 1

Survival of the Fittest: Fish in Patchy Environments Show IFD 
 Nathan Schilling

Central Nervous System Damage: Crusade for Recovery 
 Tammy Hibler

Prions: in[PSI]t from Yeast 
 Jennifer McGuire

Two to Tangle: The Story of Tau and a-Synuclein 
 Nijee Sharma

Sleeping Beauty, Mice, & Dogs: Cell Death in Narcolepsy 
 D’Anne Duncan