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News and Views

March 2020 Volume 16

Eukaryon Volume 16 Cover


March 2018 Volume 14

Eukaryon Volume 14 Cover


A New Map of Frontotemporal Dementia: Defining How Tau Mutations Cause FTD
Philip Freund

The Positive Effects of Brain Discoveries on a Lawyer Career 
 Daria Polyarskaya

Seizing The Seizures 
 Brett Palmero

Nitric Oxide: The Gaseous Culprit of Neurodegeneration 
 Agnieszka Pastwa

Spreading Inhibition 
 Anna Sandler

Scanning the Skin With AI: Using Deep Learning Algorithms and Conventional Neural Network (CNN) to Diagnose Skin Cancer 
 Joshua Spreng

Could Mast Cells Partially Explain Female Prevalence of Autoimmune Disorders? A Closer Look at the Importance of Mast Cells in Multiple Sclerosis 
 Sam Curry

The emerging study of kinship theory in the honeybee, Apis mellifera
 Jeanne McDonald

Lung Transplant 
 Sana Shariff

In Then Out of Control 
 Robin Redmond

Climate Change the Silent Killer 
 Hamza Mahmood

Half-Century Sharks of Greenland 
 Emily Staufer

Dengue in Sri Lanka: 80,000 & Counting 
 Niam Abeysiriwardena

How our Genes Lie: Honest and Dishonest Genes in Sexual Selection 
 Samuel Gascoigne

Restoring Balance: Tail regeneration in Eublepharis macularius and its implications for spinal cord treatment 
 Joshua Spreng


March 2017 Volume 13

Eukaryon Volume 13

Taking a Crack at the Microtubule Code 
 Chisomo Mwale

Tracking the flow of hippocampal computation: Pattern separation, pattern completion, and attractor dynamics 
 Pooja Acharya

Curating Humanity’s Heritage 
 Pegah Nabili

OCD Breakthrough Finding from Sapap 3 Knockout Mice 
 Samuel D. Curry

The Price for Pain 
 Anna Sandler

Geometric morphometrics: an overview using the African bat Scotophilus 
 Brittany Schweiger

Mentalizing the Machine 
 Brett J. Palmero

Connecting the Dots: The Benefits of Studying Patterns in Diseases of the Skin 
 Michelle Dume

Isotopes: Unconventional Tools in Illuminating Patterns of Animal Movement 
 Emily Ong

It’s Time to Focus 
 Agnieszka Pastwa

The Turing Mechanism: How did the leopard get his spots? 
 Joshua Dan Spreng

The Code of Climate Change 
 Rosemary Thomas


March 2016 Volume 12

Eukaryon Volume 12

The Search for Glioblastoma’s Achilles Heel
Cecilia Reyes

The Guardian Angle Enzyme
Zach Sekulich

Quinacrine: Therapeutic or Apoptotic? Certainly Double-edged.
Michael Janecek


March 2015 Volume 11

Eukaryon Volume 11

One Gene, Two Functions, Many Possibilities
Chaya Tabas


March 2014 Volume 10

Eukaryon Volume 10

What KYNA Neuroprotection Do You Need?
Amanda Morais

Stopping Protein Trouble 4 Good
Khadijah Hamid


March 2012 Volume 8Eukaryon Volume 8 

Induced Fatal Familial Insomnia: A Genesis Mystery Debunked
Ryan Vlaar

Connexin Connections in Neurogenesis 
Saajidha Rizvydeen


March 2011 Volume 7Eukaryon Volume 7

CK1ε: Setting the Clock
Keith Solvang

Sex Requires Kisses  
Alina Konnikova

Toxic Breakups: The Deadly Relationship Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Nitric Oxide Gas
Anna Naditz

Defeating Alzheimer’s with New Gene Therapies
Julia Coltri 


March 2009 Volume 5 Eukaryon Volume 5

Basis of Biology: 150 Years Running

Lauren Ferrell


February 2007 Volume 3Eukaryon Volume 3


Bone-derived Microglia Clear Amyloid Plaques
Lokesh Kukreja

Alpha-Synuclein, and the Case of the Blocked ER-Golgi Pathway 
Michael White


February 2006 Volume 2

Eukaryon Volume 2

Yeast? Yes! A New Trend in Modeling Parkinson’s Disease
Katrina Brandis

‘Smells’ Producing Brain Activity: What Your Nose Really Knows
Kristen D. Endraske

CACNA1A: The Exciting Headache Gene
Michael White

A Novel Steroid Receptor Elucidates Non-Classical Signal Pathways
Chloe Wormser


January 2005 Volume 1

Eukaryon Volume 1

Wnt Signals are an Organizing Issue
David Mann

NF-kB: A Novel Therapeutic Target for Cancer
Arun George Paul