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Grant Proposals

March 2020 Volume 16

Eukaryon Volume 16 Cover


March 2017 Volume 13

Eukaryon Volume 13

Targeting Apicoplast Structures in P. falciparum during the Pre-erythrocytic Stage 

Samantha Miller

Genetically Attenuated Parasite Malaria Vaccine

Michael J. Herriges, Jr.


March 2013 Volume 9

Eukaryon Volume 9

The Role of Stimulatory Immunomodulator Adjuvants in Blood Stage MSP5 Plasmodium Faciparum Vaccines 

Alex Reeder

The use of algal chloroplasts to express Plasmodium falciparum Circumsporozoite Protein and Pfs25 surface antigens in a vaccine aimed to induce protective antibody responses in mice and mosquitoes
Christian Athens

Developing multiple model systems to elicit PANK2 rescue for PKAN patients
Maria Basith and Kim Diah

A New Protein Target: Finding Optineurin’s Role in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Daysi Vargas, Sydni Cole, and Shabana Yusufishaq

Catalase overexpression rescues Friedreich’s Ataxia mouse models from oxidative stress and mitochondrial iron-loading
Daniella Brutman and Menzi Mhlanga

Development of a Pre-Hepatocytic Stage Live Attenuated Malaria Vaccine
Kristen Waltos


March 2012 Volume 8

Eukaryon Volume 8

Role conserved c-terminal region plays in trafficking of ETRAMP 10.3, an asexual intraerythrocytic PVM protein
Robin Graber


March 2011 Volume 7

Eukaryon Volume 7


Identifying the Protein Interactions between Plasmodium Sporozoites and Hepatocytes that Lead to Malaria 
Saajidha Rizvydeen

Determining the Missing Link: PGRN and TDP-43 in FTDP-17 
Madhavi Senagolage and Peter Sullivan


 March 2010 Volume 6

Eukaryon Volume 6

Regulation of miR-9 by Ethanol and the Effects of miR-9 Inhibition

Ray Choi, Nicole Fields, and Stephanne Levin 


A Conditional KIBRA Knockout Mouse: Is Memory Affected?

Danielle Clark

Assessing alpha-Synuclein Degradation through the MVB/Endocytosis Pathway

Jaime Pérez Pineda


Applicability of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor as a Means to Induce Weight Loss in ob/ob Mice

Emily Pospiech


 March 2009 Volume 5

Eukaryon Volume 5

Gene Therapy Combined with IPC Cell Induction to Treat Huntington’s Disease

Alexandra Ayala, Daryn Cass, and Michael Fiske

P74 NTR and its Role in Regeneration: Potential Neuroprotective Effects

Grace Dunford, Brian Kinsman, Max Meltser, and Samantha Pusateri

cMyBP-C Phosphorylation, Binding to Actin, and the Effects on Cardiac Function

Stephanne Levin

Can Gene Therapy For Alcoholism Lead to Gastrointestinal Cancer?

Nengding Wang


 March 2008 Volume 4

Eukaryon Volume 4

Does the N-terminus of BRCA1 Ubiquitinate Topoisomerase IIa?

Mithaq Vahedi

Low Intracellular Proline: A Cause of Toxicity in Human RPE Cells?

Sina Vahedi

Combining ROS Reduction and Allotopic ATP6 Expression in LS and NARP Patient Neurons to Increase ATP Synthesis

Michael White


February 2007 Volume 3

Eukaryon Volume 3

Characterization of Membrane Permeability Alterations in Plasmodium-infected Erythrocytes: Insight into Novel Mechanisms for Malaria Chemotherapy

Chloe Wormser

Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA-1): Role in Plasmodium yoelii Infectiviey

Michael Zorniak