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Creative Writing


March 2020 Volume 16

Eukaryon Volume 16 Cover

  • Anna Sandler
    Lake Forest College
    Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

March 2018 Volume 14

Eukaryon Volume 14 Cover


The Ages of a Neuron: My Tribulations
Philip Freund

A Brief History of Cranial Nerve VII 
 Sandra Campos

The Life of a Neuron: Parkinson’s and the Dopaminergic Neuron 
 Isaac Ordonez

The Viennese Child 
 Rachel Hastings

A Peculiar Encounter 
 Courtney Levitt

Dining with Danny 
 Molly Schul

When Worlds Collide 
 Maddie Strejc

A Difference of Hearing 
 Lexi Dejneka

Schizophrenia: The Life of a Misplaced Cell  
 Dana Midani

The Death of a Neuron 
 Lexi Dejneka

Heidi’s Favorite Day 
 Hannah Gurholt


March 2017 Volume 13

Eukaryon Volume 13

Locked In 
 Emma Kuhr

Chance Encounter 
 Sara Tallen

Another Type of Human 
 Ariane Balaram

A Translation for Laughter 
 Emma Kuhr


March 2016 Volume 12 

Eukaryon Volume 12

March 2015 Volume 11

Eukaryon Volume 11

The Battle of a Lifetime
Brittany Avonts 

The Great Plaque 
Rachel Hastings 

Playdate at Legoland
Rachel Domijancic 


March 2014 Volume 10

Eukaryon Volume 10

Hardwiring a Friendship
Joseph Bortolotti

My Secret Role in True Happiness: A Story of a Neuron
Mallory Burney

Self-Destructive Behavior
Peter Nesper


March 2013 Volume 9 

Eukaryon Volume 9

A Mindful Vixen: Degradation Due to the Methamphetamine
Heather Heitkotter

A World Of My Own 
Kayla Huber

The Life of a Neuron: Fatal Habits
Michael Herriges


March 2012 Volume 8

Eukaryon Volume 8

Dopi Neuro- Life, Death, and Everything In Between
Rida Khan


March 2011 Volume 7

Eukaryon Volume 7

Mental Modifications to the Constructs of Change
Vicki Gerentes

My Life as a Magnocellular Neuron 
Catie Szabo

My Life as a Neuron
Lauren Leeber