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Book or Film Review

March 2020 Volume 16

Eukaryon Volume 16 Cover

March 2018 Volume 14

Eukaryon Volume 14 Cover


The Future of the Courtroom According to The Future of the Mind
Rachel Hastings

Plasticity: Importance of Use it or Lose it 
 Emma Levine

Another Voice in Ethics 
 Peter Simmeth

Neuroethics: Should We or Shouldn’t We? 
 Blakely Drake

The Brains Behind the Dilemma 
 Allison Fair

Brain Disease: A Lethal Story 
 Maddie Strejc

Bravery To Go Far 
 Peter Simmeth

Education: One For All, All For One 
 Lauren Giurini

The Secret Memories of Leaves: Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl 
 Emily Staufer


March 2017 Volume 13

Eukaryon Volume 13

Identity Dilemmas: The lives of two people irrevocably altered by neurological disease
 Ariane Balaram

Can a line be drawn?
 Anna Sandler

Neuroethics: An objective look at our moral understanding
 Sam Gascoigne

Memories Past
 Logan Graham


March 2016 Volume 12

Eukaryon Volume 12

The Brain that Changes Itself
Sarah Chiren

Buddha’s Brain
Sara Chiren

Peering into the Black Box of the Mind: The Ingenuity of Eric R. Kandel
Kayla Huber


March 2015 Volume 11

Learning from our Past Loss and Mistakes to Allow for Future Conversation
Khadijah Hamid

Bok Review: Sensuous Seas Tales of a Marine Biologist
Sally Nahhas 

The Life and Adventures of the Lizard Man
Hannah Fox 

Films: Accurate Depiction of Neuological Diseases?
Nicole Hueng

The Future of the Mind Applied to Courtroom
Emma Levine 

Placing Neuroethics in its Place
Rachel Hastings 


March 2014 Volume 10

Eukaryon Volume 10

Depictions of Autism in the Media: A Comparison of Autobiography Thinking in Pictures and Films Temple Grandin and Rain Man
Amanda Allred

How to Govern Our Lives Through Neuroethics
Joseph Bortolotti

Phantoms in the Brain and their Vanquishment by the Human Spirit
Amanda Allred

Searching for Meaning in the Inevitable
Marina Rawlings


March 2013 Volume 9 Eukaryon Volume 9


Life in the Glass Case 
Hannah Samberg

Fruits of Empire: Exotic Produce and British Taste
Ryan Vlaar

Innocence of Coelacanth Through Evolution
Ayesha Khan

Tapping into Ice Age Extinctions: The Megafauna is Us
Nicole Monhait

Introduction to Field Biology 
Sylwia Dakowicz

Zoobiquity: Bringing Together Human and Animal Medicine
Emily Hampden-Smith

A Story of Memory Never To Be Forgotten 
Victoria Egedus

Remembering the Forgotten: A Look at Alzheimer’s Disease
Kimberly Diah

Re-thinking the Wiring Of Our Brain: A Response to the Brain That Changes Itself 
Ashley Reich

New Meaning to a “Mind of Its Own”
Victoria Egedus

Why the Brain Fails: Using Ailments to Understand Normalcy
Sydni M. Cole


March 2012 Volume 8

Eukaryon Volume 8

Extraordinary Discoveries and Remarkable Creatures: The Development of the Theory of the Origin of Species
Jillian Pastik 

Humans and Nature: How the Un-ilding of Both May Lead to Our Demise
Alexandra Dober

Spicy and Kinky: An Inspiration For Sex
Gwen Grimes

The Vindication of Ecology: Looking Backwards To Guide Us Forward
Mahir Mameledzija

Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice 
Margo Wallace


March 2011 Volume 7

Eukaryon Volume 7

Size Matters: A Look at Evolution in Action 
Guiseppe Conoscenti, Courtney King, Natalie Kukulka, and Nicole Vachter

What Does It Mean to be Human: How Neuroethics Alters Our Perception of Mankind
Amanda Allred

The Brain: A Clump of Play-Doh or a Hardwired PC
Kayla Ahlstrand

When Fascinating Science Combines with Powerful Emotion
Sohail Khan 

Awakening the Heart Inside the Mind- A Comparative Movie Review 
Victoria Egedus


March 2010 Volume 6

Eukaryon Volume 6

Barbara McClintock: A Paradigm of Dedication, Perseverance, and Love of Discover
William Press


March 2009 Volume 5

Eukaryon Volume 5

Summary of Life Itself
Ejaz Ali

Response: Phantoms in the Brain
Alexandra Ayala

Hollywood “Awakens” Its Curiosity
Daniella Brutman

Matters of Morality
Grace Dudlicek-Bright

The Brain Can Do What?!  A Review of The Brain That Changes Itself
Michael Fiske

Speaking on Behalf of a Brain That Changes Itself
Brian Kinsman

Ethical Blurs of The Ethical Brain
Saajidha Rizvydeen


March 2008 Volume 4

Eukaryon Volume 4

Migraine: The Book That Won’t Give You One!
Mithaq Vahedi


February 2007 Volume 3

Eukaryon Volume 3

Iris and Awakenings: Timeless Tear-Jerkers
Mohammed Ejaz Ali

Dissecting the Ethical Brain
Benjamin Bienia

Fact and Fantasy: The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner
Michelle McKinzey

Healthy Marketing: The Only Solution
Jason Prendergast

The Thin Line Between Madness and Sanity
Stephanie Valtierra

Ferocious Beauty: All Roar and Very Little Bite
Pete Wisnieff


February 2006 Volume 2

Eukaryon Volume 2

Fading in the Distance 
Jaclyn Kobilka

It Might Just Kill You
Stephanne Levin

Spectacular or Speculative
Jennifer Riddle

A Feeling That Does Not Happen
Michael Zorniak


January 2005 Volume 1

Eukaryon Volume 1

Are The Story of My Father and Iris Worth Losing Your Mind Over?
Lisa Jeziorny

Evolution Unraveled 
Katrina Brandis

The Natural History of Medicinal Plants
Jessica Abruzzo