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Primary Articles

March 2017 Volume 13

Validation of Doublecortin Hippocampal Localization

Logan Graham, Joseph Bortolotti, Krista Meuli, Michael Penn

Hymenoptera as Indicators of the Diversity of Arthropods: Restoration of the Oak Savanna

Nicholas Arthur

Creation of α-Synuclein C-terminus Truncations at Amino Acids 110, 100, 90, & 80, for the Use in Future Research Relating to Parkinson’s Disease in Budding Yeast

Cade Brittain, Rebecca Shoup, and Anthony Zimmerman

Attempting to make G51A, G51R, and H50N mutants and analyzing the effects of the A53D mutant on toxicity in α-synuclein

Chelsea Evans and Paul Jones

March 2016 Volume 12

Methods of Gene Replacement Therapy in Mouse and Sheep Models of Tay Sachs Disease
 Sarah Chiren, Scott Johnston, & Morgan Marshall 

Anandamide Prevents Nerve Growth Factor-Dependent Neurite Outgrowth in PC12 cells
 Charles Alvarado, Khadijah Hamid, & Alexandra Roman

A Defense of Neuroethics
 Jyothis James 

Novel Mutation of A53D, A53R, and H50D of the α-Synuclein Observed in Budding Yeast to Determine Effects on Protein Expression, Localization, and Toxicity
 Viktoriya Georgieva & Julia Garcia 


March 2015 Volume 11

Creating a plasmid for the study of A30P and A53E mutations and the effects of decreased sumoylation in alpha-Synuclein in Parkinson’s                                     

Sierra Smith & Lily Veldran 

Chronic Piscine Diet Induced Metallic Phantogeusia, Dysgeusia and Hypogeusia                                   

Saul Bello Rojas

Spatial Distribution and Density of Lauraceae Trees: A Preliminary Assessment of Lauraceae Species in Primary and Secondary Tropical Premontane Wet Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica                           

Luis Carlos Beltrán

Female mating preferences as a result of coloration and movement in Betta splenden                       

Abby Brownell, Luis Carlos Beltrán & Elina Shapiro

Influence of oral morphology on dietary specialization in two herbivorous New Zealand fishes               

Ryan Drake

Creation of Novel alpha-Synuclein Mutation A53E Truncations 123 and 120 for Future Study in Budding Yeast                                                               

Alex Dunn & Logan Graham

The Effects of Distance from a Tree, Elevation, and Food Type on Foraging Patterns of Sciurus carolinensis and Sciurus niger                                         

Lindsay Hartup

March 2014 Volume 10

The Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis and the Diversity of Bacteria in the Human Body         

Patrick Hanes

March 2013 Volume 9


The Relationship Between Academic Major, Personality Type, and Stress In College Students            

Amanda Allred, Megan Granger, Tyler Hogstrom

The Effects of Simulated Competition on Foraging Behavior in Sciurus carolinensis   

Luis Beltran and Jackie Meyer

Effects of Risk Assessment and Energy Expenditure on the Foraging Patterns of Sciurus carolinensis

Jeremy Boeing, Michael Herriges, Galina Lipkin, Johnathan Vinkavich

Color preference in guppies    

Ashley Reich and Emily Hampden-Smith 

The effect of group size on standing, walking, sleeping and foraging behaviours of black-winged stilts (Himantopus h. leucocephalus)   

Natalie Kukulka

March 2012 Volume 8


Giving-up densities of gray squirrels in a forest and suburban environment and the effect of substrate depth 

Thomas Pospiech, Billy Levinson and Hilary Wind

CCK Impulsivity Scale Validation                        

Carli Pentz and Colin Willis

Arrested Development: The Effect of Cyclopamine on Chick Development                                            

Lisa Pahomov and Ashleigh Porter

Biotic Resistance of Ants in Urban and Natural Environments                                                 

Susan Helford

March 2011 Volume 7


Effect of Competition of Mate Choice in Male Guppies Poecilia reticulata

Kaylyn Gasparotto, Isabel Luna and Daysi Vargas Gonzalez 

Auditory Frequency Threshold and Signal Detection Theory 

Natalie Simak 

March 2010 Volume 6

 Genetic Evidence in Yeast Model Implicates Autophagy in the Degradation of Parkinson’s Disease Protein α-Synuclein

Kayla Ahlstrand ’12 and Peter Sullivan ’12

The Effects of Cyclopamine Administration on Chick Embryo Development   

Daryn Cass ’10 and Christopher Jackson ’09

Pre-ESCRT Step of Endocytosis Pathway Regulates Parkinson’s Disease Protein α-Synuclein   

Jaime Pérez Pineda ’10 and Michael Fiske ’10 

March 2009 Volume 5


The Effects of Ethanol Exposure on the Development of Caenorhabditis elegans      

Alexandra Charron ’09, Jeffrey Fox ’0 and Jaymie Honold ’09

The Effect of Increased VEGF Levels on Limb Bud Angiogenesis in a Developing Chick Embryo  

Brian Kinsman ’08 and Spencer Hicks ’08

March 2008 Volume 4


Insight into Parkinson’s Disease and alpha-Synuclein Degradation via the Lysosome: alpha-Synuclein Localization Changes in Vps28Ä 

Alexandra Ayala ’09

Living the High Life: Sceloporus malachiticus from High Elevations Perform Better at Extreme Temperatures 

Chelsea Bueter ’07 and Anne Haas ’07

Iodine Status in Individuals from a Rural and Urban Area in Bolivia   

Lavinia R. Sinitean ’08 


March 2007 Volume 3


Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation and Membrane Association in a Fission Yeast Model: Implications for PD Pathogenesis 

Lokesh Kukreja ’08

Alpha-Synuclein Causes Non-specific Toxicity in vps34∆ Yeast   

Mithaq Vahedi ’08

March 2006 Volume 2


Gauging the Ecological Health of a Costa Rican Cloud Forest: Birds as Bio-Indicators 

Jessica Price’06

Sex-Dependent Interactions between Humans and Dogs   

Chloe Wormser’06

Effects of Cystamine, a Transglutaminase Inhibitor, in a Mouse Model of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 

Michael Zorniak’07


March 2005 Volume 1


 Feather Mites and Physiological Condition of Migrant Birds

Chelsea Beuter ’07

Relationship between body size and migratory fat stores in Catharus thrushes 

Karina Nikogosian ’07

Vps28 implicated in α-Synuclein Pathobiology: Building Support for Lysosome-mediated Degradation 

Jessica Price ’06 and Ruja Shrestha ’07

Newly Discovered α-Synuclein Familial Mutant E46K and Key Phosphorylation and Nitrosylation Deficient Mutants are Toxic to Yeast 

Sara Herrera ’05 and Ruja Shrestha ’07

α-Synuclein Toxicity and Localization in Yeast That Lack Superoxide Dismutases 

Katrina Brandis ’06 and Ruja Shrestha ’07

Evaluation of SPT2-dependent α-Synuclein Toxicity in Yeast: Role of GAPDH? 

Arun George Paul ’05 and Ruja Shrestha ’07