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Writing Center

First-Year Writing Contest

The winning author earns academic distinction recognized at Matriculation in the Fall. The winning essay is published in Lake Forest Papers, and the winner receives a prize.

The contest is open to all Lake Forest first-year students. Submissions must be papers written for classes at the College.

First-Year Writing Prize 2019

Rachel Peterson ’22
“This is Beyond Your Experiences.” A paper written for Professor of Music Don Meyer’s Music and the Mind course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2018

Zachary Klein ’21
The Kurds: Independence is Going to Have to Wait … Again.” A paper written for Associate Professor of Politics Siobhan Moroney’s Great Political Ideas course.

Honorable Mention:
Anna Fifhause ’21
Rebel with a Pause: Emily Dickinson and the Making of a Personal Doctrine” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of English Benjamin Goluboff’s Nineteenth Century American Literature course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2017

Rebecca Rabizadeh ’20
Sex, Drugs, and Rock Hard Mattresses” (PDF). A paper written for Lecturer in Politics Stephanie Caparelli. 

First Year Writing Prize 2016

Kristin Rawlings ’19
Logotherapy and the Logical Trilemma” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of English Carla Arnell. 

First-Year Writing Prize 2015

Michael Janeček ’18
Primordia Coenobii Gandeshemensis:  Hrotsvit of Gandersheim as a Political Actor and Secular and Religious Power in Ottonian Saxony” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of History Anna Trumbore Jones.

First-Year Writing Prize 2014

Allegra Wozniak ’17
Setting as Character in Dickens and Dostoevsky” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of English Carla Arnell.

First-Year Writing Prize 2013

Katie Bridget Wright ’16
Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice: Understanding the Egyptian Revolution” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of Politics Siobhan Moroney.

First-Year Writing Prize 2012

Nikolai Leffner ’15
The Grapes of Dionysus’s Wrath:  An Analysis of the Principal Characters and Themes in Euripides’s Tragedy, The Bacchae” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor Rui Zhu’s First Year Studies Course, Civilization and Barbarism.

First-Year Writing Prize 2012 (Honorable Mention)

 Elizabeth Bulley ’15
When Shakespeare’s “Women” Wear the Pants: An Examination of Rosalind and the Trouser Role in As You Like It“ (PDF).  A paper written for Professor Ann Roberts’ First Year Studies Course, Renaissance Women.

First-Year Writing Prize 2011

Candice Kosanke ’14
‘Useless Objects’: Kipple and What It Represents” (PDF). A paper written for Assistant Professor Josh Corey’s First-Year Studies course, Frankenstein: Myth of the Monstrous.

First-Year Writing Prize 2010

Maya Beckles ’13
The Winter’s Tale: The Relief of Tragicomedy through Leontes and Autolycus” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor Richard Pettengill’s Shakespeare and Theater course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2010

Emily Thomas ’13
Oda: An Extraordinary Example of a Medieval Woman’s Religious Authority and Economic Power” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor Anna Jones’ Women in Medieval Christianity First-Year Studies course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2009

Maria Zawadowicz
Scientific Method in Medicine: Bringing Unity to Research and Clinical Decision-Making” (PDF). A paper written in Associate Professor Lori Del Negro’s Chemistry and Medicine First-Year Studies course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2009 (Honorable Mention)

Ellen Shipitalo
Power and the Causes of Unequal Distribution in The Tempest and Twelfth Night” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Richard Mallette’s Shakespeare course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2008

Kathryn Duncan
Isabella d’Este: Woman in Charge” (PDF) .A paper written for Professor Roberts’ Women in Art History First-Year Studies course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2007

Ashlee Norton
Analysis of Acting and Design Elements in Chicago Opera Theater Performance of Monteverdi’s Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of Politics Siobhan Moroney’s Ways of Knowing course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2006

Melissa Schramm
Sibling Aggression and Siblicidal Tendencies in Birds” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Caleb Gordon’s Biology of Birds course. 

First-Year Writing Prize 2006

Kalani Man
Questioning Truth from within the Austro-Hungarian Empire: A Functional Analysis of the Ideas of Mach and Freud” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Edward Jurkowitz’s Western Thought Since the Renaissance course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2005

Sara Woodbury
Christ Carrying the Cross: A Power Statement for the Institution”  (PDF). A paper written for Professor Ann Roberts Introduction to Visual Arts course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2004

Chris Shirley
Minimalism, Pop, and the True Avant-Garde” (PDF). A paper written for Professor David Schneiderman and Professor Christopher Reed’s American Avant-Garde course. 

First-Year Writing Prize 2003

Kaloian Petkov
Hazard: The Scientist’s Analysis of the Game” (PDF). A paper written  for Professor Edward Packel’s Mathematics of Gaming and Gambling course. 

First-Year Writing Prize 2002

Maren Pedersen
Provoking Judgment” (PDF). A paper written for Associate Professor of Politics Siobhan Moroney’s Freshman Studies course.

First-Year Writing Prize 2001

Erin Lynch
Daddy’s Girl: Sylvia Plath, Freud, and the Uncanny” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Tom Balazs’ Literature and Psychoanalysis course. 

First-Year Writing Prize 2000

Trina Bannick
A Comparison of the Heroes of Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Jacqueline Perret’s Nonfiction Writing course.

First-Year Writing Prize 1999

Jenna Hammerich
Social Contact versus Isolation in ‘Song of Myself’ and ‘A Noiseless Patient Spider’” (PDF). A paper written for Professor Janet McCracken’s Aesthetics course.