Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free tutorial assistance, information, and resources for every stage of the writing process. We are excited to be your writing partner!


During the 2012-2013 academic year, 66% of the Writing Center’s clients were first-year students. 

The Writing Center offers excellent support for first-year students acclimating to college writing expectations. From assessing college-level writing assignments to planning for students’ first college research papers, the Writing Center offers resources to support first-year students’ development as scholarly writers. 

97% of the Writing Center’s clients leave their appointments highly satisfied.

After every appointment, clients have the opportunity to fill out a feedback form that allows us to maintain high standards of practice. Check out some of our clients’ reflections on their writing appointments:

“My tutor was very helpful and answered every question I had. She was prepared with a binder full of materials and the Hacker guide. She also made sure I was the one revising my writing as opposed to telling me what to write.” 

“My tutor really helped me clear up my ideas. I was trying to say a million different things in one paper, and he helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to say.” 

In 2012-2013, over 152 students had weekly standing appointments. 

Our standing appointment program allows students to meet once a week with the same peer or professional tutor. Standing appointments provide opportunities for students to make semester-long writing goals and to track their progress with peers. Students have said the following about their standing appointment experiences:

“My standing appointment exceeded my expectations. I expected my standing appointments to only help me work on papers that needed correction. I did not expect to learn new strategies that would help me work for all my classes.”

“Every time I came back to the Writing Center, my tutor noticed my improvements.”

“My tutor makes me work, makes me think, and she believes in me.”

“I took on a standing appointment to be held accountable to not just the professor but also to a tutor. I felt that reporting to a tutor would keep me from procrastinating on assignments and help me to structure my writing in a more organized fashion. Having a standing appointment gives me more responsibility, and I believe that taking on more responsibility is crucial to improving my writing.”