Quantitative Resource Center

The Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) provides students with extra help in the math, science, and quantitative portions of their classes and supports already existing department-based tutoring.

We offer support in the following classes:

Bio 103, 108, 120
Busn 130, 210, 2230
Chem 108, 115
Econ 130, 210, 220
Fin 210
Math 102, 104, 105, 110, 111, 150, 160, 210, 230
Phys 106, 110, 111, 120, 121

Students can make individual appointments through an online system or weekly appointments by contacting the QRC Director, Julia Berkowitz. We encourage students to bring their text book, assignments, test/quiz review sheets, and any other material provided by their instructor. The Quantitative Resource Center follows a strict no-cellphone policy. 


  1. Students must attend their appointment or cancel at least 12 hours prior. 

  2. Students are allowed up to 2 missed or cancelled appointments. After that, all future appointments must be approved by the Director.
  3. Students are allowed up to three appointments per week. If you have a weekly appointment, you are allowed a maximum of two additional appointments per week. Any appointments made beyond these limits will be cancelled. Additional appointments may only be made one week prior.