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Test-Proctoring for Students with Disabilities

Whenever possible, testing accommodations are to be provided by faculty. When necessary, test-proctoring services may be coordinated through the Center for Academic Success. Only students who have provided a faculty member with an Academic Accommodation Plan for the current semester are eligible for the testing accommodations stated on the plan. Test-proctoring services must be requested five calendar days in advance.

In accordance with the Students’ Responsibilities in the Disability & Accessibility Services Process guidelines, students must request an Academic Accommodation Plan from Kara Fifield, Director of Disability Services, and students must then provide the plan to their professors as instructed. 

Because testing needs vary by course, depending on students’ disabilities and individual needs, both students and instructors are strongly encouraged to communicate with one another their expectations, concerns, and questions.  After determining the best course of action for an individual student’s testing needs for a particular course, the instructor and student both share responsibility in facilitating the process of test-proctoring. Please refer to the timetable below for a guide of steps to be taken and who is responsible for taking those steps.

Timeline for testing accommodations:

  • The student and instructor should decide if the student should schedule proctoring services or if the instructor will accommodate the student.
  • For proctoring, the student must submit the Student Portion of the Test-Proctoring Form at least five calendar days before the exam will be given to the class.
    • NOTE: When scheduling a repeating event, such as weekly quizzes, students should complete the Test-Proctoring form for the first date and provide subsequent dates to Stephanie Edgar (sedgar@lakeforest.edu).
  • When a student requests a proctored exam, their professor will be notified and asked to complete the Instructor Portion of the Test-Proctoring Form.
  • The Center for Academic Success will arrange for a proctor, and once the date, time, and location are confirmed, that information will be emailed to both the professor and student.
  • The instructor should deliver the exam to Stephanie Edgar (Hotchkiss 012, sedgar@lakeforest.edu) at least 24 hours before the exam.
  • Instructors indicate on the proctor form whether they want the exam emailed to them or whether they will pick up the exam. Exams will be available for pickup from Stephanie Edgar (Hotchkiss 012) from 8am-10am, Mon.-Fri.

Please note: Students’ requests for test-proctoring that are made less than five calendar days before the test date may not be honored.