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Urban Studies


  • Rebecca Graff
    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Areas of Study: historical archaeology, U.S. urban archaeology (19th- and 20th- century Chicago), modern and contemporary material culture, world’s fairs and expositions, anthropology of time and temporality, archaeology of tourism

  • Ajar Chekirova
    Assistant Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study:  Comparative Politics

  • Rudi Batzell
    Assistant Professor of History, Chair of Urban Studies

    Areas of Study: U.S. history, economic and social history

  • Cristina Viviana Groeger
    Assistant Professor of History

    Areas of Study:  U.S. history, urban history

  • Brian McCammack
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Chair of American Studies

    Areas of Study: American environmental history, American environmental politics, American studies, African American studies, environmental justice