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  • Benjamin Zeller
    Associate Professor of Religion

    Areas of Study: North American religions, Christianity,
    religion & culture

  • Catherine Benton
    Associate Professor and Chair of Religion, Chair of Islamic World Studies

    Areas of Study: Asian religious traditions and story literatures (Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism), religious communities in India (Hindu and Muslim), cross-cultural communication, and film and religion

  • Hannah Scheidt
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study: 

  • Michele Ferris
    Lecturer in Religion

    Area of Study: American Religions History; 19th Century German Immigrant History

  • Jun Mizukawa
    Lecturer in Anthropology

    Areas of Study: cultural history of books, critical social theory, anthropological theories of Japan, aesthetics and politics of media, technologies of reading and writing

  • Hazim Fazlic
    Lecturer in Religion

    Area of Study: Islamic studies

  • Julius Crump
    Lecturer in Religion

    Areas of Study: theories of the public and secularity, African American religious thought