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  • Matthew R. Kelley
    Professor and Chair of Psychology, Chair of Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: cognitive psychology, learning and memory, research methods and statistics

  • R. Sergio Guglielmi
    Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive- behavioral therapy, psychophysiology, educational psychology, structural equation modeling, analysis of longitudinal data (e.g., latent growth modeling)

  • Susan M. Long
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: community psychology, violence against women, women in poverty, and community interventions

  • Naomi Wentworth
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: developmental psychology, aging, motivation, brain function in attention, mathematical psychology, infant development

  • Nancy Brekke
    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: social psychology, psychology and law, research methods and statistics, social cognition, prejudice

  • Jean-Marie Maddux
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, associative learning, attention and learning, motivation, incentive salience, addiction, behavioral pharmacology

  • Kathryn Dohrmann
    Assistant Professor of Psychology 

    Areas of Study: developmental psychology, human sexuality, public health, psychology of gender, environmental psychology

  • Vivian Ta
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Areas of Study: social psychology, personality psychology, psychology of language, computer-mediated communication, interpersonal relationships, quantitative text analysis, dyadic interaction

  • Elayne Teska
    Lecturer in Psychology

    Areas of Study: Cognitive Developmental Psychology, Education Psychology, Mathematical Cognition and Learning, Research Methods and Statistics

  • Ryan Selleck
    Lecturer in Neuroscience

    Areas of Study: behavioral neuroscience, cellular and molecular pharmacology, electrophysiology, impulsivity, emotional valancing, cortical modulation of behavior

  • Taylor Tuscherer
    Lecturer in Psychology

    Areas of Study: social psychology, intergroup relations, social cognition, prejudice and minority experience, social exclusion

  • Felix Pambuccian
    Lecturer in Psychology

    Areas of Study: Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Language, Research Methods and Statistics