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Faculty Advisors

  • Evan Oxman
    Associate Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study: political philosophy, democratic theory, American politics

  • Rachel Whidden
    Associate Professor and Chair of Communication, Chair of Journalism 

    Areas of Study:  argumentation theory, rhetoric of science and religion, visual rhetoric

  • David Boden
    Associate Professor of Sociology, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology (spring)

    Areas of Study:  cultural sociology, law and social policy, research methods, community and identity

  • Debra Homer Levis
    Assistant Professor of Politics and Chair of Legal Studies

    Areas of Study:  American politics and law

  • Chad McCracken
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Politics

    Areas of Study: philosophy of law, political philosophy, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy

  • Stephanie Caparelli
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: criminal law, trial law, politics

Pre-Law Liaison

Ben Rohde
Law and Public Service Pathway Leader and Internship Specialist
Career Advancement Center
(847) 735-5235