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Are the Health Professions for You?

How can you be certain the health professions are right for you? Start by considering the following:

Do you enjoy science?

Pre-Health students may major in any department of the College. However, they should have a strong interest in and aptitude for science, and there are many laboratory science courses required for most types of health professions. Your grades in science and other courses are important.  Some health professions require a GPA of 3.0 whereas for others it is 3.7 or higher.

Do you thrive at working with people?

Most careers in the health professions require you to work with people.  You need to be caring and compassionate, but you also need to be good at explaining difficult concepts to others at times of stress. 

Are you a good team player?

Most health professionals work closely with colleagues and staff.  A good working team will increase the chances of a good recovery for your patients, thus it is essential to the health professional school that you be a great team player. 

Types of health careers are varied!  Check out Explore Health Careers, founded and directed by Henryne Green Tobias 84.   You may also want to visit the Lake Forest College Career Advancement Center