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  • Siobhan Moroney
    Associate Professor and Chair of Politics

    Areas of Study:  political theory, American politics

  • James Marquardt
    Associate Professor of Politics, Chair of International Relations

    Areas of Study:  American politics, international relations

  • Evan Oxman
    Associate Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study: political philosophy, democratic theory, American politics

  • Zachary Cook
    Assistant Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study: American politics, methods of political research

  • Ajar Chekirova
    Instructor of Politics

    Areas of Study:

  • Debra Homer Levis
    Assistant Professor of Politics and Chair of Legal Studies

    Areas of Study:  American politics and law

  • Chad McCracken
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Politics

    Areas of Study: philosophy of law, political philosophy, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy

  • Anahit Gomtsian
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: comparative/urban politics

  • Stephanie Caparelli
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: criminal law, trial law, politics

  • Christine Kellogg Walker
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: legislative advocacy, public policy processes, special education, translating theory into practice

  • Danielle Cohen
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: comparative politics, international relations, East Asian politics, political demography

Emeritus Faculty

  • Ghada Hashem Talhami
    D. K. Pearson Professor of Politics, Emerita

    Areas of Study: third World politics, women’s studies

  • Paul B. Fischer
    Professor of Politics, Emeritus 

    Areas of Study:  local and regional politics, race and politics, American politics

  • Paul S. Orogun
    Associate Professor of Politics, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  comparative politics, Africa

  • W. Rand Smith
    Irvin L. and Fern D. Young Presidential Professor of Politics, Emeritus

    Areas of Study:  comparative politics (Europe and Latin America), political economy