• Janet McCracken
    Professor of Philosophy, Chair of Self-Designed Major

    Areas of Study:  aesthetics, history of philosophy, gender studies, film

  • Louis G. Lombardi
    Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Chair of Social Justice Studies, Director of the Ethics Center

    Areas of Study:  ethics, political philosophy, Greek thought

  • Rui Zhu
    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Areas of Study:  Asian and comparative philosophy, Plato, philosophy of mind

  • Chad McCracken
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Politics

    Areas of Study: philosophy of law, political philosophy, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy

  • Daw-Nay R. Evans Jr.
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy

    Areas of Study:  nineteenth- and twentieth-century European philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, Africana philosophy

  • Jennifer Jhun
    Instructor in Philosophy

    Areas of Study: 

  • Bonnie Salomon
    Lecturer in Philosophy

    Area of Study: medical ethics

  • Daniel DeFranco
    Lecturer in Philosophy

    Areas of study: ancient Greek, Spinoza, philosophy of mind, ethics