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Museum Studies


  • Minor in Museum Studies

    No major is currently available.

    Requirements for the Museum Studies Minor

    6 courses from at least 3 departments: a minimum of 2 courses should be at the 300-level or above. An internship or independent study is strongly recommended.  A grade of C- or better must be earned in all courses counted toward the minor. Courses taken Pass-Fail may count towards the minor in Museum Studies, as long as the grade originally earned in the class is “C-” or better.

    Core Courses (Two of the following from two different departments)
    • ARTH 239: Museum Histories and Practices
    • COMM 212: Visual Rhetoric
    • SOAN 215 Archaeological Field Methods or
    • SOAN 216 Introduction to Archaeology
    Four Electives chosen from among       
    • ARTH 201: Writing Art Criticism
    • ARTH 238: Curating a College Collection (Prerequisite: ARTH 110) 
    • ARTH 338: Museum/Gallery Practicum (Prerequisite: ARTH 110)
    • ARTH 323: Monuments and Memory (Prerequisite: One Art History course)
    • ART 334: Installation (At least two prerequisites including Art 130, or Art 131, or Art 133 AND a Studio Art course from recommended list.)
    • CHEM 105 Chemistry of Art
    • COMM 212: Visual Rhetoric
    • COMM 388: Rhetoric and Public Memory
    • EDUC 210: Observing the Schooling Process
    • EDUC 215: Instructional Communication Theory and Practice
    • HIST 285: Public History
    • HIST 318: Chicago: History and Public Memory (Prerequisite: one course in American history, politics, African American Studies or American Studies, or permission of the instructor.)
    • HIST 368: Museums and Exhibitions (Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor.)
    • SOAN 215: Archaeological Field Methods
    • SOAN 216: Introduction to Archaeology
    • SOAN 225: Historic Artifact Analysis (Prerequisite: SOAN 205 OR SOAN 215 OR SOAN 220 OR consent of instructor.)
    • SOAN 318: Archaeology of the Contemporary (Prerequisite: SOAN 110 OR SOAN 216 OR SOAN 220 OR consent of instructor.)
    An internship or independent study is strongly recommended

    Internship for 1 or 2 credits at a local museum or other relevant institution.