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Master of Liberal Studies

What our Students Say


Karen Bolek

Karen Field Bolek

Both the MLS seminars and the undergraduate courses I took during the program were fabulously stimulating and fun because of the intelligent people, the open-minded culture, and the challenging ideas.  Now that I¹ve graduated, I am proud to say that the MLS program at LFC has brought my thinking and writing to a much higher level.

Craig R. Fallico

The MLS program has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I wanted a program that would challenge me mentally and spiritually and that would also fulfill some academic obligations I have as a high school teacher. This program did all of that and then some.

Donna Marcus

I entered the MLS program at Lake Forest College as a means to explore areas of intellectual interest with like-minded people. The interdisciplinary approach to academic issues appealed to me since, like most adult students, I had developed a wide range of interests over the years. However, after many years in the business world, I was not sure that I could adapt to and academic environment. Not only did I adapt, I throve. The work is hard, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Joe Agnew

When considering a graduate degree I wanted to pursue a program that would contribute to both personal and professional development.  I am delighted to say that the MLS degree exceeded all my expectations and fulfilled both of those development desires.  All this and I had a great time too.

Marla Snyder

My children were leaving the nest. My chosen career field had changed so drastically that I no longer enjoyed it and I was getting awfully close to my big 50. The MLS program offered me the versatility I needed. I was nurtured, stimulated, and fascinated by the new relationships I developed. I grew tremendously. I am still blossoming in my new career as an art teacher.

Richard Martin

The MLS program provided a priceless opportunity to explore the limits of my creativity. I am satisfied that the program gave me the opportunity to create beyond my talents, which is all I could ask.

Lynne S. Samuels

My years in the MLS program benefited me as an individual, as a classroom teacher, and as a lifelong learner. Excellent professors, mature and dedicated fellow students, and a curriculum that raised my ability to think and to communicate to new levels, all made my MLS experience challenging, enriching, and gratifying.

Robert Bullard

I undertook the MLS program to advance my professional career. I was looking for an opportunity for real intellectual stimulation and I was absolutely energized by the idea of sitting around a table with professionals from other careers and sharing thoughts and ideas and debating these ideas. It was a great opportunity to be in class with the best of the best in teaching faculty.