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Master of Liberal Studies

Fall Seminar

Graduate Seminar, Fall 2019

Monday, 7:00 - 9:50 p.m.
September 9, 2019 - December 9, 2019

MLS 544 Sensing Chicago: Past, Present, and Future

Our experience of place is mediated by our senses. Chicago—a city whose name derives from an Algonquian term for stinking onion—can be grasped via its aroma (the Stockyards, Blommer’s Chocolate Company), sights (1893 World’s Fair, the Chicago School of Architecture), sounds (Blues, Jazz, Classical), tastes (deep dish pizza, molecular gastronomy), and touch (the wind toward the Lake, the crowds on the CTA). By using our senses as a lens, we interrogate the many layers of Chicago. The course will integrate campus sessions as well as field-based explorations of Chicago’s sensorium.

Professor Rebecca Graff (Sociology and Anthropology)
Professor Benjamin Zeller (Religion)