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Master of Arts in Teaching

Handbooks and Planning Sheets

Lake Forest has designed a portfolio assessment process that is directly tied to our mission as a college, our conceptual framework as a teacher education program of study, and the Illinois State Board of Education’s content area standards and program assessment requirements. We view — and hope you do too — the portfolio process as a chronicle, a journal of sorts, of your journey to becoming a teacher. The benchmarks and checkpoints should function as moments of celebration of your accomplishments and prove motivational to you as you move on to the next stage with all of its challenges.

The post-BA is for students who already have their bachelor’s degrees.
The 3-2 program is for current Lake Forest College students.

The planning sheets indicate all courses required for certification in elementary, secondary (mathematics, history, English, biology, chemistry), or K-12 (French, Spanish, visual art) grade levels.