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Modern Languages and Literatures

Careers and Success Stories

Learn more about a career pathway associated with language and literature.

Career Pathways

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  • Evelyn Johnson ’18

    Finance, Mandarin and Entrepreneurship & Innovation

    “Business is so global, and I realized a Mandarin minor would be a perfect complement. I was able to take something away from every class and utilize it in my current role that requires strategy, optimization and financial forecasting for an industry-leading company.”

  • Benedetta Borri ’15

    Minor in Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese

    “The College gave me not only a place to cultivate my interests, but the unique opportunity to travel abroad, to build networks of friendship overseas, and to develop a strong cultural sensitivity.”

  • Sandra de la Riva ’15

    International Relations and French

    “When studying abroad in France, I was able to uncover my passion for the French language and European culture…. After my Masters, my hope is to work in Europe for an international organization.”

  • Victoria Johnson ’12

    French and theater

    “I’m very grateful for my (theater) internship in Paris. I don’t know many people who had such a fulfilling experience in the field they love.”

  • Lana Panitch ’14

    Environmental studies and Spanish

    “Employers are impressed that I can speak Spanish in addition to my other hard and soft skills.” 

  • Caroline Tibbetts ’12

    French and communication

    “I think nearly every professor I encountered was strong, inspiring, and impactful upon my life.”

  • Michael Peters

    French and Biology Double Major

    “Languages are always good to learn, as they open up new doors….The Department of Modern Languages recommended the MSID Senegal study abroad program to me, which for me was the most impactful experience of college.”

  • Mahir Mameledzija ’14

    Spanish and chemistry

    I had an extreme passion for languages. The Spanish language stood out for me because of its worldwide understanding.”

  • Matthew Spehlmann ’16

    Economics, Spanish, and computer science

    “The Spanish professors imparted the friendliness and encouraging spirit that is so characteristic of Spanish-speaking people.” 

  • Ashley Gora ’13

    Spanish and international relations

    “Faculty in the Modern Languages and Literatures department are professional and talented, yet also personable and truly care for their students.”

  • Justin Lansing ’07

    Spanish and sociology

    “My time in Costa Rica was essential to gaining fluency in the language, and helped to open my worldview.”

  • Camille Lemieux ’17

    French and applied linguistics, a self-designed major

    Camille Lemieux ’17 is making big strides in her career goal of becoming a language education professor at a research university.

  • Katelyn McAuliffe ’15

    Majors: International Relations and French
    Minor: Social Justice

    “Success is driven by collaboration and by sharing knowledge. I work on a team – and I rely on a team – Lake Forest College helped to develop me individually so that I could be successful collectively.”

  • Bridget Kies

    French, Independent Scholar

    “Don’t be afraid to let the experience profoundly change you.”

  • Kevin Hsu ’14

    Biology and Chinese

    “As a future physician, I am certain that my time spent studying Chinese will prove valuable, allowing me to connect with a more diverse demographic.”

  • Jonas Mikolich ’11

    Spanish and economics

    Jonas Mikolich uses his bachelor’s degree in Spanish and economics to work with the Mexico operations team at Coyote Logistics in Chicago.

  • Yipeng Hu ’14

    Double-major in finance and French

    “The faculty have been amazingly helpful in academic aspects, life-coaching, and career preparation.”


  • Jessica Bonilla

    Double Major: French and Bio

  • Angela Lopez ’11

    Majors: Spanish and education

    “Lake Forest College prepared me well for a teaching career.”

  • William Vaughan

    French major, Music minor

    “Language education is about more than acquiring language skills. Cultivate a cultural openness and curiosity; they will help you to succeed.”

  • Alli Chase ’11

    Biology and Spanish

    “Because of the support I had from my professors and advisors I was able to flourish to my absolute potential.”

  • Erin Kummer ’11

    French, International Relations

    “Having studied and interned in Paris was a boon to my application for graduate school in Germany. Also, it furthered my interests in history and, though I didn’t realize it at the time, was helpful in my studies of the ‘history of the book.’”

  • Gaëlle Hollandbeck ’12

    French and biology

    “The whole experience abroad in Paris was eye-opening, unforgettable, something I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Merci pour cette expérience unique et inoubliable!”

  • Patrick Nicholas ’08

    Spanish and economics

    “When discussing the importance of Spanish in my career, opportunities to speak and read the language have been prevalent since I entered the field of finance.”

  • Diedre Suri ’16

    French and International Relations (Double Major)

    “I couldn’t believe that my first job after graduating fit both of my majors so well. I learned so much during that year, and succeeded in living overseas just months after graduating!”

  • Matt DeMaris ’12

    French, International Relations

    Matt DeMaris ’12 says he wouldn’t be where he is today without his French and International Relations majors. 

  • Tuyen Tran’11

    International Relations, French majors & Business minor

    “Not sure where I would be without my connections to the Forester community. Use the Career Advancement Center – I think I’ve actually contacted them more times after I graduated than while I was a student…”

  • Yaritza Cambron

    Biology major; psychology and Spanish minor

    “All of the departments at Lake Forest College offer so much help, from building resumes to letters of recommendation.”

  • Abby Brand ’10

    Economics and French

    “I believe any time spent abroad is incredibly important because it gives you a new frame of reference, which makes you more creative and gives you the ability to think outside of the box - skills valuable for any profession.”

  • Jane-Elise Ryer

    Major- International Relations; Minor- French and Islamic World Students

  • Michael Peters ’17

    Biology and French

    “The relationships that I have built while at Lake Forest College are irreplaceable.

  • Evelyn S. Bello ’17

    Psychology and Spanish double major

    “My professors at Lake Forest College were very approachable, so they made me comfortable talking to them whenever I wanted to.”

  • Edward Yonkers ’16

    Chinese, economics, environmental studies

    After studying French in high school, Edward Yonkers ’16 really wanted to learn Chinese, so he studied in China for a year!

  • Leticia Lazcano ’15

    Major in Latin American Studies

    Minors in Legal Studies and Music

    Leticia’s focus has always been on giving back to her community, and she is now preparing to attend law school so that she can continue to do so. 

  • Emily Capettini ’09

    English (Creative Writing)

    “The Writing Track at Lake Forest College invites you to smash the barriers of genre and find your own voice among contemporary writers.”