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International Relations

Requirements before Fall 2012

  • Major and Minor in International Relations

    Students in international relations must take a core set of courses that will form a firm basis from which to study advanced areas in depth. The core courses will acquaint the student with concepts such as the balance of power, the development of the nation-state system in Europe, non-Western history, basic models of human societies, and basic economic principles. 

    Requirements for the Major:

    At least 11 credits

    • Economics 110: Principles of Economics
    • Sociology & Anthropology 110: Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology
    • 1 of the following courses:
      • History 212: Europe from the Old Regime to the Modern Era
      • History 213: Europe in the Twentieth Century
    • Politics 245: Theories of International Relations
    • completion of a foreign language through the 305 or 320 level – required for students whose primary language is English
    • at least 2 courses with a comparative perspective to become familiar with differences and similarities among different states and societies – chosen from the following courses:
      • International Relations 252: Post-Communist World
      • International Relations 280: The Mexican-American Border
      • Politics 210: Politics of Western Europe and the European Union
      • Politics 212: Politics of the Third World
      • Politics 216: The Politics of the Middle East
      • Politics 217: African Politics
      • Politics 219: The Politics of Latin America
      • Politics 310: State and Nation Building
      • Politics 313: Political Islam
    • at least 4 additional courses to focus interest on a series of interrelated topics – could be courses, internships, or independent studies
    • completion of the Senior Studies Requirement in 1 of the following ways:
      • International Relations 480: Senior Seminar
      • Senior Thesis
      • research project

    Students must maintain a C average in courses taken in the major. One course taken Pass-Fail may count towards the major in International Relations. The senior studies requirement cannot be taken Pass-Fail. There are no limits for minors.

    Requirements for the Minor:

    At least 8 credits

    May be completed in 1 of 2 ways:

    • 4 foreign language courses
    • 2 core courses
    • 2 comparative courses
    • 2 foreign language courses
    • 4 core courses
    • 2 comparative courses 

    Students should consult course requirements in the major for clarification of core and comparative courses.