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International Relations


  • Dan LeMahieu
    Hotchkiss Presidential Professor and Chair of History,
    Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program

    Areas of Study:  modern European history

  • James Marquardt
    Associate Professor of Politics, Chair of International Relations

    Areas of Study:  American politics, international relations

  • Evan Oxman
    Associate Professor of Politics

    Areas of Study: political philosophy, democratic theory, American politics

  • Christopher Todd Beer
    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Areas of Study:  globalization, social movements, environmental sociology, climate change and climate justice, East Africa, economic and labor sociology, survey methodology

  • Chad McCracken
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Politics

    Areas of Study: philosophy of law, political philosophy, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy

  • Ying Wu
    Assistant Professor of Chinese

    Areas of Study: sociolinguistics; Chinese linguistics; business Chinese; Chinese literature in translation and culture

  • Magdalena Wilk
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: Domestic and International law and politics

  • Danielle Cohen
    Lecturer in Politics

    Areas of Study: comparative politics, international relations, East Asian politics, political demography