• Major and Minor in History

    Requirements for the Major:

    At least 9 credits

    • History 110: Introduction to Historical Studies: World Civilizations to 1650 – preferably in the first year
    • 1 of the following two-course sequences:
      • United States
        • History 200: Foundations of the American Republic
        • History 201: Modern America
      • East Asia
        • History 212: Origins of East Asia
        • History 213: Modern East Asia
      • South Asia
        • History 216: History of India
        • History 217: Modern South Asia
      • Ancient and Medieval Europe
        • History 204: Roman History
        • History 205: Medieval History
      • Modern Europe
        • History 208: Europe 1715-1890
        • History 209: Europe in the Twentieth Century
    • History 300: Theory and Methods – taken as a junior
    • 4 additional courses, at least two of which must be at the 300-level or above
    • Completion of the Senior Studies Requirement in 1 of the following ways:
      • History 420: Senior Seminar
      • Senior Thesis

    Requirements for the Minor:

    The Minor in History consists of 6 courses, 2 of which must be on or above the 300-level. History 300 is encouraged but not required for the minor.

    A note on repeated courses

    Lake Forest College policy states that students who receive a C- or lower in a course may repeat that course once with replacement of the earlier grade. Normally, students must repeat a course with the same course number. However, in the spring of 2014 the History Department instituted a comprehensive course re-numbering. This could cause confusion among students wishing to repeat a course but finding that it now has a different number. Students in this situation should consult with the chair of History to be sure that they are repeating the same course, regardless of the different number.