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Entrepreneurship and Innovation


VR Space

The Lake Forest College InnovationSpaces give Foresters access to a series of custom creative spaces where they can enter virtual worlds, create 3-D prints, record audiobooks and electronic music, construct theater stages, network in a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to innovation, print photos, and explore, extend, and expand their skills through a series of experiential spaces.

  • IncubatorSpace . 

    Network, ideate, practice entrepreneurial endurance and thought leadership at the Lake Forest College IncubatorSpace located at the Lifeworking Coworking space in downtown Lake Forest.

  • VirtualSpace . 

    Lake Forest College’s new VirtualSpace highlights the best in the fast-developing world of virtual reality (VR)!The VirtualSpace (DO 212) is the hub for virtual reality, green screen, and 360-degree explorations.

  • MakerSpace . 

    Build, Create, Invent, Discover! Supported by the Technology Resource Center, the MakerSpace (DO 227) provides a DIY technology-rich creation, inspiration, and prototyping environment. 

  • SoundSpace . 

    The Silvia and Harry Nelson electronic music studio (Reid Hall) lets you build everything. Our set-up gets the sounds out of your head and into the world, and you’ll find a full range of effects, MIDI instruments, and equipment to supercharge your project. 

  • SoftwareSpace . 

    The Donnelley and Lee Library offers a well-equipped 24-hour Computer Lab for student use. Software on these machines includes the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and a number of other programs. 

  • ArtSpace . 

    The Durand Art Institute offers a wide range of tools. We presently offer painting, sculpture, ceramics, darkroom photography, installation, mixed media, digital photography, digital art, video art, and more.

  • TheaterSpace . 

    The Hixon Theater scene shop is the place where artistic vision meets hardware. Students can help create imaginative sets and costumes for production working with everything from bandsaws to table saws to miter saws.