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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Innovation Spaces

We want to provide you with the tools, guidance, and relevant experience to mobilize people and resources to solve problems.

The Green House is a collaborative incubator maker space designed to cultivate entrepreneurial creativity and community. 

Plant, Seed, Grow.

Lake Forest College’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation department created the Green House to create a campus-wide incubator space for collaboration and innovation. The Green House is a hub where students, faculty, alumni, and community members come to ideate and build effective entrepreneurial teams. 

The Green House incubator follows the mantra of Plant, Seed, Grow, materializing the departments mission to evolve students into practicing entrepreneurial teams that identify problems worth solving with resources to solve them.

The Green House incubator is located in Young Hall and is open from most weekdays or upon request. Reach out to Trish Thomas, Program Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation for availability and information.Innovation Spaces - Green House Incubator

For a look at other campus spaces for innovation, check out the InnovationSpaces website.