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The Best Innovative Writing

Edited by Robert Archambeau, Davis Schneiderman & Steve Tomasula

This inaugural volume of The &Now Awards recognizes the most provocative, hardest-hitting, deadly serious, patently absurd, cutting-edge, avant-everything-and-nothing work from the years 2004-09. The &NOW Awards features writing as a contemporary art form: writing as it is practiced today by authors who consciously treat their work as an art, and as a practice explicitly aware of its own literary and extra-literary history—as much about its form and materials, language, as it about its subject matter. The &NOW conference—moving from the University of Notre Dame (2004), Lake Forest College (2006), Chapman University (2008), the University at Buffalo (2009), and the University of California-San Diego (2011)—sets the stage for this aesthetic, while The &Now Awards features work from the wider world of innovative publishing and serves as an ideal survey of the contemporary scene.

Every two years, &NOW Books will publish The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing

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October 2009
8 x 10, 400 pp.
Trade Paper
ISBN 0-9823156-0-0 / $19.95